‘You had a job’: Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘photoshopped’ hand in jewelry ad sparks jokes online


It is not uncommon for Photoshop and special effects to be used for advertisements. However, if not done carefully, the flaws appear and are spotted by eagle-eyed social media users. A similar case happened in a recent print advertisement involving Bollywood veteran Amitabh Bachchan and people cannot see it.

In a recent newspaper ad for a jewelry company, the brand’s ambassador was seen posing with fellow female star Pooja Sawant to promote their bridal collection. However, it was not the design of their products or the aesthetics of the advertisement that caught the attention of a Twitter user, but the flawed editing.

For the publicity, Bachchan was seen kissing Sawant to portray a father-daughter duo. However, his hands on Sawant’s shoulder seem out of place. “Someone notices that daddy’s long hands are going too far,” wrote Twitter user @yadsul. Rating it at 1 in 10, the user mocks the creators of the ad for their hilarious blunder.

Although the user assumed Sawant was a model and tweeted, “Is it because the model isn’t a movie star and Big B didn’t want to pose with her?” In fact, she is a popular Marathi actress.

And while people quickly informed the Twitter user of his false assumption, they couldn’t ignore the case of a faulty Photoshop. While some wondered if this was a scheduling conflict or if it was a remote issue due to the pandemic, others said it was really not expected. major brands.

It quickly sparked some hilarious reactions. Check out what Tweeple had to say here:

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