WT theater department films monstrous musical for streaming


CANYON, TX (KFDA) – West Texas A&M University has spent the last few weeks filming in various locations in Amarillo and Canyon for their new musical, “Monstersongs”.

“Monstersongs” is a cycle of rock music songs by Rob Rokicki, which will air on video on demand October 28-31 and November 1, with a special in-person screening scheduled for 11 p.m. on October 30 in the Branding Iron Theater. on the WT’s Canyon campus.

“There isn’t necessarily a total story running through so it’s just a lot of little stories that all tie together, so we get to hear a kind of story of a lot of monsters that people would recognize. like the mummy, or the witch or the troll under the bridge, ”said Bradley Behrmann, assistant professor of musical theater, WT.

The filming of the musical comes after last season’s award-winning “The Theory of Relativity” went virtual due to the pandemic.

“We adapted some things in a more theatrical setting, but some of those things that we really wanted to be able to present specifically for an audience that would be sitting in front of a screen sitting in the living room or elsewhere,” Behrmann said.

Behrmann says this is a whole new learning experience for everyone involved.

WT Sophomore, Caleb Martinez who plays “The Mummy” says he’s excited to learn in person this year, compared to Zoom.

“Last year I was on the zoom course so everything that was recorded was done in my room and I had to put my airpods on, I had to listen to the songs and just sing my part, then I had to put on my airpods, I had to listen to the songs and just sing my part, hope that was good enough. It’s just a different atmosphere because now we go into a recording booth and we get behind the mic and all these dreams like little Caleb singing behind a mic is like becoming reality, ”Martinez said.

This experience introduces students to all kinds of outlets.

“It opens up another side of my mind where like oh and if I was making a movie in the future or if you know about TV then I kind of know the ins and outs of things,” said Jewel Schonoff, student at second year of WT playing “Medusa”.

Tickets for streaming from October 28 to November 1 are $ 10 for individual viewing and $ 20 for family viewing.

For the live stream on October 30, tickets are $ 12 for adults, $ 8 for college students and seniors, and free for students, faculty, and staff at WT with a BuffGold card.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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