Won’t Darling’s ongoing problems hurt the film’s box office?


The upcoming thriller don’t worry darling has been the subject of months of behind-the-scenes controversy, and it’s fair to wonder if the ongoing drama will affect its success in any way. Since its announcement in 2020, don’t worry darling has been full of intrigue, first thanks to its up-and-coming director and exciting cast, but more recently due to rumors and reports of drama between its stars and director. Audiences can only wonder if there will be any fallout from the coverage.


don’t worry darling is the second turn in the director’s chair for Olivia Wilde, whose first film, Librarywas a critical success but a box office failure. don’t worry darling is wildly different, a psychological thriller set in the suburbs of the 1950s. It follows a married couple Alice, played by Florence Pugh, and her doting husband Jack, played by pop star Harry Styles, who are heading towards a development apparently utopian that Jack’s society is building. Alice, however, soon realizes that her perfect suburban life is not what it seems. With the likes of Chris Pine and Gemma Chan, the cast is brimming with talent. The story is intriguing to say the least, as the trailer hints at a secret cult-like organization controlling their perfect lives. Aside from the decorated cast and thrilling plot, however, the film was plagued with drama and controversy.

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Production on the film began in 2020, and it was hit with scandal almost immediately. Starting with a major casting dispute, Shia LaBeouf was reportedly fired for creating an uncomfortable work environment. He was replaced in don’t worry darlingby Harry Styles, and only months later a relationship began between Styles and director Olivia Wilde. The scandals have only escalated as tabloid sources recently began reporting a rumored feud between the director and her leading lady, Florence Pugh. These rumors got a lot of media attention, and not all of the attention was good. Harry Styles fans on social media were quick to point out that it could cause problems for the film and the reputations of those involved. It comes after LaBeouf called out Wilde and denied being fired from the set, saying he left of his own free will. Plus, the ongoing tension between Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde comes with rumors of a pay gap, inappropriate relationship dynamics, and the film’s uncomfortable sexualization. The drama hasn’t slowed down, given that new rumors have surfaced in light of the Venice Film Festival. All this could be detrimental to don’t worry darlingis overall success — potentially.

Don’t worry, Darling’s controversies might actually help the movie

Despite the drama surrounding it, don’t worry darling has the potential to do extremely well at the box office and with general audiences. The cast alone is likely to draw large crowds to theaters, as Harry Styles fans flocked to their local cinema for his short appearance in the post-credits of Eternals. Scandals and controversy also spur interest, and it’s fair to assume that many will watch the film just to see what it was all about. Additionally, despite the star power attached, don’t worry darling was a low-budget, more niche film. Thanks to the film and its stars who are regular fodder for the tabloids and the rumor mill, far more people have heard of it now than they would have if not for the controversy surrounding it.

While the box office is hopefully doing well, the same can’t be said for the film’s critical reception or reputation. The first reviews of don’t worry darling were mixed, with some saying Florence Pugh’s performance is the only one that stands out. On the other hand, the film received praise in the form of a standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival. We don’t know much about Don’t worry darling’It’s real story yet, but all eyes will certainly be on the production leading up to its release.

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