Why this Ben Affleck thriller was all the rage last night


The 2016 Ben Affleck movie Accountant is not necessarily a film that is still in the air. The thriller, which is about an accountant who works with criminal organizations, was a big hit in theaters (earning $ 152 million against a budget of $ 44 million) and also became the highest-rated film of 2018. However, it’s not exactly a movie that comes back regularly during speeches online. However, that fact briefly changed on Friday night when a flurry of people were all talking about Accountant at once.

The film recently aired on cable via TNT syndication, and Friday night was the last airtime. However, the end of its broadcast led to one of the biggest wrestling moments of 2021: CM Punk’s debut in All Elite Wrestling. Punk, real name Philip Brooks, is a two-time WWE Champion and three-time World Heavyweight Champion (WWE) who has been out of action for over seven years. His debut was the subject of many rumors for the Friday night episode of AEW Rampage, so many wrestling fans tuned in early to prepare for the broadcast.

As a result, many people randomly saw the last few minutes of Accountant. Many of those avid wrestling fans took to Twitter to weigh the film out of context, noting how odd it was for the AEW program. Regular viewers of the recently launched Rampage and the main show AEW Dynamite also noted that this was far from the first time TNT had planned this Affleck film before the wrestling shows.

“Judging from my personal experience of logging into TNT just to watch AEW, I’m led to believe Accountant is one of three films broadcast by the channel, “One Person wrote. Another spectator added, “I saw the last five minutes of ACCOUNTANT before an AEW show or another about 1,000 times and I still don’t have a clue what this movie is about. An accountant, I guess. “

A third AEW fan theorized, “This will probably be the most people who have watched the credits of Accountant even in history. ”While no evaluation data is yet available, Punk’s early days surely led to some kind of bump for AEW Rampage, and therefore, a probable bump in the last segment of Accountant. Maybe some of these wrestling fans will even be inspired to watch the full movie, which also stars Anna Kendrick, JK Simmons and Jon Bernthal.


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