Why Red Skull Should Return to the MCU


Within Marvel Comics, the Red Skull is Captain America’s Batman Joker. Not only that, but he’s considered an Avengers-level threat. It makes sense because he’s the leader of Hydra, one of Marvel’s most prolific groups. Despite this, the character felt unimportant and forgettable when first introduced to the mcu. Hugo Weaving’s portrayal, good as it is, didn’t stop his character from heading into the unknown at the end of Captain America: The First Avengers. Fans had almost forgotten about him until he reappeared on Vormir in Avengers: Infinity War.

We now know he’s still alive, so who’s to say he can’t return as a major villain. Surely there’s a place for the Red Skull after all this time, and it’s unclear what he can do now. The comics offer a wide range of possibilities, and some don’t seem unreasonable given what we’ve seen of the current phase of MCU movies and Disney+ series. Here’s why the Marvel villain has to return at some point in the future.


It can be used to continue the story of Bucky and Sam

Red Skull has always been Captain America’s nemesis. Even if it’s not Steve Rogers holding the shield, he still can be. Imagine if Red Skull returns to modern earth in search of Rogers, but finds Sam with the nickname Captain America instead. It would be a good opportunity to redefine their rivalry. A villainous super-soldier against a hero without serum. At the very least, it would be a drastic shift in the balance of power between the two and give Sam an even greater challenge to overcome.

And then there’s Bucky. How might the former Winter Soldier react to the Hydra leader who likely helped turn him into a mindless killer? If Barnes hasn’t overcome his past by following The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, reintroducing Red Skull into the MCU fray might be the best way to continue his path to redemption. What better way for Bucky to leave behind the name of the Winter Soldier and become the White Wolf than to win his justice against the face of Hydra himself?

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Red Skull Could Fit Into Multiverse Conflict

Who knows what Red Skull can do now, after being near two powerful Infinity Stones. The Russo brothers said that after the events of the two Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, nothing binds him to Vormir anymore. If he somehow finds his way off the planet, he could return to Earth and regain control of Hydra. With his genius intelligence and tactical skills, he can do real damage with the entire organization under his control. This doubles if he gained abilities by manipulating the Tesseract. There’s at least one Marvel Comics storyline where the Cube gave him the ability to warp reality. If Feige decides the same is true for his MCU counterpart, it’s unclear what kind of conflict that may cause in the current issues with the multiverse. He managed to get out of the Nightmare Dimension once, so maybe he can break into other universes much like America Chavez. He also used this same ability to try and steal Wanda Maximoff’s powers to create alternate realities to bend to her will, and he almost succeeded too. Wanda may currently be the most powerful she’s ever been, but if anyone can outsmart her, it may be one of the Marvel’s Most Diabolical Villains.

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His potential as a villain has yet to be fully realized.

Considering he’s one of Marvel’s most prolific villains, he needs to make a comeback because he can do so much. He and Steve Rogers were like two sides of the same coin. Everything good about Hydra Commander Steve was the exact opposite. He’s one of the first Marvel villains to ever grace the pages and has been a terror to the world for eight decades. He attacked more than one nation in his bid for world domination, clashing with other villains in the process. He put mutants in concentration camps and repeatedly tried to ruin Captain America’s life. He also stole Charles Xavier’s brain and gained his powers in the process. Imagine how dangerous Red Skull can be in the movie if he can read the minds of the Avengers as they plot against him. More recently, he was able to manipulate reality to turn Captain America into a Hydra mole, leading to one of the most controversial storylines in recent memory. And that’s just a few of the worst things he ever did.

It should be noted that he does not always play well with others. His Nazi past has made Magneto an enemy, an angle that could come into play depending on which route Feige decides to take with the character. He once battled Doctor Doom when his country of Latveria became one of his targets for domination. Red Skull even made an enemy of Kingpin, who chose to fight the Nazis rather than work with him purely out of moral principle. Even the Joker doesn’t like it, and they’re not even in the same comics. There hasn’t been much villain rivalry in the MCU, but with a character like Red Skull, there’s plenty of room for story creativity, should he ever be brought back into the fold.


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