Why a strange WWE show trend has fans thinking Bray Wyatt is back


WWE has released plenty of wrestlers in recent years, though few fans have hit fans as hard as Bray Wyatt. The wrestling veteran was widely regarded as one of the brand’s most popular and original talents. Even as we approach the second anniversary of Wyatt’s release, there is still rampant speculation as to whether or when he will return. Now the rumors are swirling once again, thanks to a recent weird trend happening on WWE broadcasts. But why does he think this might signal the return of “The Fiend?”

Pro wrestling fans might be tired of the constant rumors about Bray Wyatt’s return (and why it didn’t happen). However, the odd occurrence that has been happening off-camera on WWE broadcasts lately may renew some hope that he will actually be back. Check out this video from Aaron Osterwho rotated his camera for a Smack down commercial break when Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” played throughout the arena. Not only that, but the light house colors turn blood red in the end:

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There’s a very creepy edge to the song – something anyone can really feel hearing it echoing around the big, dark arena. Bray Wyatt’s mark in WWE is creepy, and when he was The Fiend he used imagery involving rabbits. But despite the apparent connection, the wrestling company hasn’t provided any concrete reason why the song was being played, as of this writing. What’s weird is that the same thing happened at a concert in Bakersfield (via Wrestling News) shortly after, which makes it sound like there’s definitely something being teased:

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WWE has recently been trying new things with its storytelling and has quietly introduced background events during programming. It’s possible that this song is part of another new creative tactic used by the company. And one would hope that by repeating a bizarre event off-camera, fans will be excited about whatever or whoever happens. Obviously, many are hoping it’s Bray Wyatt, but without any confirmation from the company, it’s impossible to know if there’s any merit to any of this.

The WWE recently brought back Braun Strowman after his release, there is therefore always a chance that the company will also strive to recover Bray Wyatt. Anyone with a Peacock premium subscription can rewatch Wyatt’s last match with the wrestling organization, in which he faced Randy Orton at WrestleMania. Wyatt lost to Orton while playing “The Fiend”, thanks in part to a betrayal by her cohort Alexa Bliss. Wyatt took time off from television after the loss and was eventually released in what eventually became a time when the company lost a lot of talent. Maybe we’ll see him again soon, provided this creepy recurring event is tied to him in some way.

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