Whitman graduates enjoy the box office success of their new movie ‘Jackass’


Two Walt Whitman High School graduates are on top of the world. Or at least top of the latest movie box office list.

The latest installment in the Jackass franchise directed by Rockville native Jeff Tremaine was released on February 2 and quickly gained popularity in theaters. Tremaine’s longtime friend Spike Jonze, who grew up in Bethesda, also co-wrote and appears in the film. Jonze, born Adam Speigel, directed Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, Where the Wild Things Are and Her.

Jackass Forever topped the most recent box office chart, grossing over $23 million over the weekend of February 4-6. That’s $13 million more than the second movie, Moonfall.

“Jackass Forever” is the fourth film in the series that followed the original television show that aired for three seasons on MTV in the early 2000s. The franchise is known for its not-for-everyoney comedy featuring dangerous acts and shocking among the actors.

The new movie, which came after a 12-year hiatus, grossed $23.5 million in first weekend ticket sales in theaters, according to a article from the Associated Press. Its growing popularity has been mostly attributed to the nostalgia it brings to those growing up in the 2000s.

The film is currently in theaters and tickets can be purchased at jackassmovie.com. It is rated R for strong raw material and dangerous stunts, graphic nudity and language throughout.


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