West side cinema is allowed to serve alcohol | Casper


Booze is coming to the big screen on Casper’s west side soon.

Casper City Council on Tuesday approved a liquor license for the Studio City Mesa theater. Mesa will become Casper’s first theater to sell alcohol.

Moviegoers will be able to purchase up to two drinks each, provided they also purchase food. An identity verification device will ensure that no one can exceed this limit.

A drink will cost around $ 8, co-owner Andy Houck told the council.

The theater plans to offer prepackaged beer and wine – about 12 to 16 ounces of beer and six ounces of wine. Houck said there would be no mixed drinks and no bartender was needed.

Employees over 18 will need to receive TIPS training before they can handle alcohol transactions, a note to city states.

Houck did not say when the theater would start selling alcohol.

The theater has applied for a restaurant liquor license under a new state law that allows licenses with the distribution of “zones” rather than the distribution of “halls” for spirits. In the case of the theater, a memo from the city says, it would place the drinks in a locked refrigerator near the hot food area in the concessions.

Theater owners have also explored the possibility of applying for a second permit for Studio City on the east side, but Casper’s orders limit each person to a liquor permit. In order for both to serve alcohol, a memo from the city said, the ordinance would have to change or the owners could apply under a different company.

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