VR Artist’s Parody of Chuck E. Cheese Arcade’s Eugene Goes Viral


Earlier this month, pictures began to appear online of a gruesome and quirky amusement center that may not be fun for the whole family. It’s not real either. Chucky Cheese Pizza Arcade & Bowling is the work of Cabel Adams, a Eugene resident and self-taught VR artist who took photos of a nearby mall and used 3D modeling and VR software to create a realistic arcade with Chucky, the doll slasher from the 80s horror movie franchise “Child’s Play”, as its mascot. Adams released the images and video clips of outer and inner space on Facebookmixing elements of real structures and fake attractions, and even dressing himself in a Chucky costume to create a tantalizing possibility of actually being there.

His concept quickly went viral, racking up 100,000 shares on Facebook in 24 hours, and it even caught the attention of Jennifer Tilly, an actress in the “Child’s Play” movie franchise and the “Chucky” TV spin-off. Cabel Adams joins us to talk about the reaction to his work and the use of virtual and augmented reality to blur the lines between reality and artifice.

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