Viral Batman Returns Review Adds A Twist To Superhero Movie Speech


Sure, the music video is funny, and not just because of the early ’90s fashion worn by awkward tweens and teens. Slaski expresses his judgment with wide-eyed seriousness, without irony, even when he admits to having seen the film twice, “to get a very good view of it”. More than just a joke, Slaski’s review raises a question that has only grown more pressing in recent weeks: Should superhero stories be kid-friendly?

by Matt Reeves The Batman currently topping the box office charts, a film that may have avoided an “R” rating, but still contains thematic elements and visuals that most kids would find disturbing. This content did not prevent the production of toys based on the film, including a figure wearing the likeness of Robert Pattinson with black coated eyes.

At the same time, the TV and Media Parents Council complained about TV-MA Marvel shows such as daredevil and Jessica Jones arrive on Disney+. The PTMC’s complaints may be far less considered than the criticisms the younger Slaski delivered in 1992, but they underscore a concern shared by many as superhero movies dominate the media landscape.

One can understand why people would assume that most superhero stories should be for kids. Not only are children naturally drawn to stories about the adventures of good guys in bright costumes, but the earliest comics were made for children. However, adults have always been part of the superhero audience, from soldiers who read comic books during WWII to teenagers and college students who responded to Marvel offers from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to adults who flock to watch. MCU entries today.

And as Slaski himself observes, different children react differently to content. While the Penguin and the Catwoman bored him, Slaski “came out of Terminator 2 fine.” It may seem odd that Slaski was more flustered by the Penguin’s exploding umbrellas than he was a shape-shifting robot bent on murdering a teenager, but that only underscores the variety of sensibilities among children.

Additionally, superhero content designed for kids continues to be readily available. Disney+ not only offers classics x-men and Spider Man cartoons but also lovely from last year Spidey and his amazing friends. Stellar Batman cartoons can be enjoyed on HBO Max, including Batman: The Animated Series and the delicious Batman: The Brave and the Bold. And although the release date has been pushed back a bit, the feature film DC League of Super Pets is on its way.


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