Usman joins William Embay Academy’s Oscar for American cinema


Senegalese filmmaker Usman William has joined the American Academy of Cinema Oscars in the MB documentary category, ABS has learned.

Among the 395 new 2021 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the director of the film “President Thea” was selected in the documentary category, distinguished by his contribution to the development of cinema.

“It is essential and it is a pleasure to have professional recognition and to join filmmakers like Jean-Marie Deno (Cameroon) and Michael Tsongo (Burkina Faso)”, the filmmaker told ABS.

According to the director of “Mother Pie”, it is important that Africa is represented in world cinema.

Usman William Embe, 2016 Grand Prix of the Head of State for the Arts, with the Franco-Senegalese director Mattie Diop, recruited last year.

The director of the film “The Man Who Sold His Skin” is one of the Academy’s new voters in the scriptwriting category.

According to the academy’s website, the membership selection results are based on “professional qualifications, representation, inclusion and equity.”

This year, the 2021 cohort will feature 46% female, 39% fewer ethnic / ethnic communities, and 53% international from 49 countries outside of the United States. There are also 89 Oscars, including 25 winners among the guests.

Unlike the 819 in 2020, this year’s recruiting is down. The academy now has 9,695 members.

These members fall into various categories including film music composers, screenwriters, visual effects, makeup and hair stylists, sound, animated films and short films. Go vote. Each member votes in their category for Oscar nominated films.


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