Upcoming Dinosaur War Movie Called Primitive War Based On Books

A dinosaur with soldiers in the jungle

put the word “dinosaur” in front of anything and it’s automatically cooler. Baseball “Dinosaur”. “Dinosaur” dinner. “Dinosaur” table. Telephone “Dinosaur”. Do you see what we mean? The same goes for the book “Dinosaur”, the war “dinosaur”, and dinosaur movie—youthree are about to break together like a T-Rex through a Jeep.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that a company called Sparke Films had secured the rights to a 2017 book titled Primitive Warfare: Opiate Countercurrents by Ethan Pettus, and joined director Luke Sparke (Profession, Profession: Precipitation) to lead. Now, admittedly, these are not names that most people know. But wait until you hear what Primitive Warfare: Opiate Countercurrents is about.

Set during the Vietnam War, it follows an elite group of soldiers called the Vulture Squad who go on a mission to a remote part of the jungle in hopes of finding a missing Green Beret unit. When they arrive, Vulture Squad discovers why the unit is missing. The area is filled with dinosaurs.

“Dinosaurs of Vietnam War? What’s not to like about this concept? ! When I first heard about the books, I loved the ideas and concepts Ethan brought to them, and we’re turning our film version into an exciting survival horror film,” said Sparke. in a statement obtained by trade. The film, which will drop the subtitle and simply go by “Primitive War,” is currently in development with casting underway, with the aim of shooting later this year.

But, again, it gets better. primitive war is the first in a series. Pettus freed Primitive War II: Infernal Animus, set during the Angolan War of Independence, and a yet-to-be-released third installment called Primal War III: Aeon Ouroboros. So you have to imagine that if one of them is made and successful, more dino war movies could be on the way. “It’s a dream come true,” Pettus said. “primitive war is a larger-than-life story, and I think Luke and his team can turn it into a cinematic masterpiece. That last part seems like overkill but, like we said before, put dinosaurs in anything and it’s automatically better.

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