Twitter thread that criticizes critics of Fahadh Faasil star “Malik” leaves Internet users divided


Since its release on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, Malik directed by Mahesh Narayanan has created a lot of buzz online. The film has received largely positive reviews so far, with many claiming that it just might be Fahadh Faasil’s best performance to date.

Set in a small coastal town in Kerala, the Malayalam thriller stars Faasil as a messiah of the underprivileged who tries to save his family and people in the face of growing corruption and political upheaval.

With many fans mixed in their opinions on the film, one Twitter user Fahir Maithutty (@fahir_me) posted a thread in which using clips from the film he attempted to establish a dialogue between those who enjoyed the film and the others. who said they didn’t like it, slyly attacking critics of the film. The sarcastic tweets left a lot of laughs online.

The sarcastic thread left users on the platform in split and many said “it was more interesting than the movie actually”. Many, while praising his tongue-in-cheek tweets, added that they totally agreed with him.

Before the release, Faasil had told,The movie is more about love, friendship and celebration… I think this is the kind of movie that will have repeat viewings.

Shubhra Gupta, in her film review for The Indian Express, called Malik “A sprawling twinkle of a film”, where the story is told with “great fluidity and supported by solid performances”.

Along with Faasil, Vinay Forrt, Nimisha Sajayan, Joju George, Dileesh Pothan play the main roles in the film.

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