Trending ‘The Movie’ on Twitter thanks to a vague Dwayne Johnson announcement


“The Movie” trends on Twitter as fans joke and speculate about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s mysterious role in the video game.

Professional wrestler-turned-action movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently revealed he’s set to star in a major video game movie, but didn’t provide any details about the project. The vagueness of that announcement caused the phrase “The Movie” to trend on Twitter, with fans speculating — albeit mostly jokingly — about which video game character Johnson might be playing.

Most tweet were clearly made in jest, suggesting that Johnson might star in (probably non-existent) projects such as “Devil May Cry: The Movie“(as Virgil),”Minecraft: The Movie“(as Iron Golem),”More Heroes: The Movie” (like Travis Touchdown) or “persona 4: the movie” (as Izanagi). A particularly humorous article says that Johnson could star in “Cooking Mama: the movie“, that way fans can “feel what The Rock is up to,” a reference to one of The Great One’s famous wrestling catchphrases. Countless other light-hearted posts on the subject have also been posted.

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That said, there are some serious suggestions thrown into the mix as well. Specifically, in addition to Johnson’s announcement causing “The Movie” to trend, it also caused armament of war tendency. armament of war is a popular series of post-apocalyptic third-person shooters that have been released exclusively on Xbox consoles since 2006. Dave Bautista, another action star who got his start in professional wrestling, has been pushing for play the protagonist Marcus Fenix ​​in a gear of war film, although it has not been successful so far.

The various conversations on Twitter were stimulated by Johnson’s recent interview with men’s diary. “I can’t tell you what particular game we’re doing, but there will be an announcement this year,” he said. “We’re going to bring one of the biggest, badass games to the screen – the one I’ve played in years.” Johnson is certainly no stranger to video game movies, with one of his earliest roles being in the 2005 film adaptation of Loss.

While it remains to be seen what video game-based project Johnson is working on next, the former WWE Champion certainly has big things to come. Currently, Johnson is gearing up for the DC Extended Universe movie release. black adamin which he plays the role of the titular anti-hero. black adam is set to hit theaters on July 29. Johnson’s involvement with DC also extends to the realm of animation, with the actor providing the voice of Krypto the Superdog in the film. DC League of Super Petswhich is scheduled for release on May 20.

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