Trending Movies: Variety Expands Twitter Partnership With Movie Ratings


Variety Film Chatter Chart debuted on Twitter on Monday, with “Bullet Train”, “Prey” and “Don’t Worry Darling” topping the list of most tweeted films this week.

Variety Film Chatter Chart, powered by Twitter, tracks the top five trending titles of the week in film and the top trending movies based on Twitter engagement. The charts also provide expert analysis of the week-to-week movement of top movies as well as a heatmap that tracks conversations across the country and keeps fans up to date with the most interesting and exciting movies. most popular of the season.

Other films that topped the charts this week included ‘Blonde’, ‘Easter Sunday’ and ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’.

“We are excited to build on Variety‘s hugely successful partnership with Twitter in connecting with moviegoers and sparking conversations around today’s biggest blockbusters,” said Dea Lawrence, Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Officer of Variety. “Variety Film Discussion Board is just the latest example of how we continue to bring innovative products to our audience that leverage our unique entertainment expertise to drive entertainment conversation. It’s the chatter that counts. »

“Twitter is where conversations about movies take off, so after the positive launch of Trending TV Charts, we knew we could turn to the entertainment reporting experts at Variety to also bring the #FilmTwitter conversation to life as it unfolds,” said Janice Morris, director of lifestyle and publishing partnerships at Twitter. “Using data from Twitter, Variety can now offer official information to show what movie fans are tweeting, whether it’s a new release or the latest trailer, and keep readers updated on trends.


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