Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington prepare season 13 of “On Cinema”


If you look like Tim Heidecker From cinema to cinema co-host Gregg Turkington, and we pray that’s not the case, you probably can’t even get out of bed without thinking about the popcorn classic you’ll be enjoying later in the day. The good people of the HEI Network understand that and more, so now your favorite film general entertainment lovers will wake up alongside you. On October 12, in a press release, the At the movie theater The team announced that season 13 will air on October 26, and it will be a change of pace: “Say goodbye On the cinema In the cinema, and say hello On the cinema and more in the morning.This morning show will be “oriented towards a wide range of entertainment news”, with cinematic expertise “reduced to a minimum”. Still, the show will be “the main source of up-to-date information on new movie releases.” Watch your back, Hoda and Jenna! Heidecker and Turkington wake up earlier and come for all kinds of entertainment.

HEI Network also announced a special panel discussion titled Card game: what was wrong?, hosted by actor Joe Estevez. The special “attempts to clarify and explain how the television show deck of cards was rescued and rescued by HEI President Tim Heidecker with a counterpoint to the original deck of cards failed writer Gregg Turkington. Deckmasters can find it streaming now.


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