Tiktok Video of Teacher’s Reaction to ‘Cute Student’ Raises Concern

The teacher's desk
Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

TIC Tac users caught the attention of the education department following a trending video that showed a hypothetical scenario of a teacher attracting the attention of a “cute student.”

The video was taken down by the content creator, but has since garnered several reactions, some from the students themselves. He also set his account private.

The TikTok clip featured a teacher describing how he would react if a “cute student” walked past him.

“’Pag dumaan’ cute yung na student mo. Tamang pa-cute lang ”reads the text of the video, accompanied by a tearful laughing emoji.

The teacher also ran his hand through his hair, bit his lip and then danced in response.

TikTok users have expressed concerns about the video and brought it to the attention of the Department of Education. Some claimed that the content creator was a teacher of junior high school students in Pampanga.

A content creator tagged DepEd’s official account on the mobile video-sharing platform and repeatedly mentioned the agency in her duo video featuring the teacher’s viral clip.

Another TikTok user shared a photo of a character from the 1997 movie “Lolita” in response to the video.

The character in the film is a middle-aged teacher who becomes sexually attracted to a teenage girl.

Another TikTok user, who described herself as a “future teacher,” explained that she didn’t “feel” the need to dress up when such a student passed by.

The TikTok video also reached the Filipino subreddit of a discussion website on Thursday.

It was captioned: “DepEd, pls. do something about it.

The post has won 97% and has received over 300 comments on Reddit so far.

“Pedo? Freudian slip, ”one Redditor commented.

“Pedo” is the abbreviation for a pedophile, while a Freudian slip refers to a moment of slip related to someone’s unconscious desire or an internal train of thought.

“Uh what, are we normalizing grooming now?” Another Reddit user commented on the teacher’s TikTok video.

As recently as September, a group of concerned alumni condemned incidents of alleged sexual harassment by teachers against several students at a science school.

Students and alumni from another high school also shared several allegations of sexual harassment via the hashtag “#FEUHSDoBetter” last April.

In 2020, the Philippine branch of the nonprofit association Save the children urged schools and universities to tackle the then growing online reports of alleged harassment by faculty members and teachers.

Around this time, a litany of allegations involving professors from different institutions came to light by students at Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College High School, and St. Theresa’s College, among others.

Institutions acknowledged the reports and promised transparency and action, but also stressed the need for due process.

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