Thousands Think This TikToker Is Keanu Reeves (VIDEOS)


A TikTok account is taking the internet by storm, fooling thousands – if not millions – of people into thinking it’s Keanu Reeves, despite being very, very honest that it’s not Keanu Reeves.

The person behind @unreal_keanu has amassed 4.2 million followers since joining the video-sharing platform in January. Many of these followers believe he is their favorite Canadian actor.

If the name “Unreal Keanu” wasn’t enough, the biography openly denies that this is a parody account. The person running the account makes videos that wouldn’t necessarily match Reeves’ personality and public persona in real life.

Often comedic or following TikTok trends, the clips can sometimes stray into weird territory. You may have to look at a few of them to determine that there is something wrong with the face. It’s an unnatural weirdness that could be a clever mix of AI-generated visuals, a lookalike, or maybe just someone with Reeves’ body type and hair.

Either way, you’re going to have a reaction when you see them. Exhibit A:

@unreal_keanu Dress up like a cool guy #reeves #keanu #dressup ♬ original sound – Unreal Keanu Reeves

Someone in the comments called him “John Wish” – if you get it, you get it.

One of Unreal Keanu’s most popular TikToks was posted on June 8. He wears an LED light-up costume and does a little goofy dance to a Katy Perry song.

It stands at 58 million views less than a month later.

@unreal_keanu And… dance again! Sorry guys I can’t stop #dance #neon #party ♬ original sound – Unreal Keanu Reeves

Another showing him recreating iconic stills from the Keanu Reeves movie because he’s “bored at home” has 68 million views. It was released in March.

@unreal_keanu When you’re bored at home #keanureeves #reeves #neo #constantine #johnwick ♬ original sound – Unreal Keanu Reeves

While probably easy to spot for the trained eye, the technology used to create these lifelike deep fakes is undetectable to most.

@unreal_keanu The best party is a slumber party #reeves #keanu #sleeping ♬ original sound – Unreal Keanu Reeves

It looks like the real deal, which sparks curiosity about how far the technology has come, but at the same time is a chilling reminder that it could be used negatively in the wrong hands.

@unreal_keanu Hi! My closet has a little message for you! #keanureeves #reeves #morning ♬ I love you so much – The King Khan & BBQ Show

“The deep fake is almost there. Cool and unsettling at the same time,” one commenter noted upon seeing Unreal Keanu for the first time.

There are many who believe, many who don’t, and some who don’t want to spoil the fun and would rather live in a reality where they can see Neo doing silly TikTok challenges as if he were Addison Rae.

I think we are in the latter camp.

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