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Unusual – This Sunday, August 1, Arnaud Klein reached 25% of his goal. entering a Guinness World Records will watch 200 times Camelot – First section At the movie theater. Huffpost I spoke with Arnaud, As you can see in the video at the top of the article.

But where can such an unusual idea come from? For Arnaud, it all started in a bar with friends: “The origin of this challenge is a joke over a drink. We were chatting with friends and we waited a long time kamelotto We were like ‘I could watch this 50 times, 100 times, 200 times!’ And we asked ourselves, “Do you think there is a record for someone who has seen the same movie several times in the cinema?” We saw that was the case, and I said to myself ‘Come on, why not’ “, he says.

To make history, Arnaud must overtake American Ramiro Alanis, who has watched 191 times avengers: end of game in dark rooms. To achieve this, Ramois, 33, must follow 4 sessions per day for 7 weeks. With his unlimited passes and the support of many people on social networks, Arnaud is determined. Especially since he had a good surprise when he saw the director of the film, Alexandre Astier, offer to accompany him during a session. “I was calm, happy, surprised at the same time, in fact I had absolutely everything. I didn’t know how to react, I just thought, ‘This joke is totally fucked up!’ Said the enthusiast.

Performance requires physical and mental strength. Even if Arnaud is still far from hating the film, doing 4 sessions a day is by nature tiring. “With the cinema that makes up day / night, the room is dark and I return to the light of day, my brain feels like it goes through the whole cycle of the day. Suddenly, I have to live 4 days a day . Ka Abhas Hota Hai “, he explains. But that doesn’t bother Reims the most. Will its cinema continue to broadcast 4 screenings a day from September 7 to 8? The success of the film (Un lakh de visitors in a week) should allow him to be in the room on that date, and Arnaud is ready to travel anywhere to complete his challenge.

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