This critically panning Morgan Freeman movie is trending on Netflix


Morgan Freeman has starred in countless blockbuster movies over the decades, but he’s also an extremely prolific actor who’s been in quite a few clunkers as well. One of his critical films is currently back on Netflix. 2001 Came a spider isn’t a movie too many people remember these days, 20 years after its release, but it’s finding new life streaming this week.

According to the latest statistics from Flix Patrol, Came a spider is the 29th most popular movie on Netflix in the world right now. This psychological thriller is actually part of a franchise and was the second production to feature Freeman as detective / forensic psychologist Alex Cross, who hails from author James Patterson’s best-selling book series. . 1997 Kiss the girls came first, and its box office success spawned this sequel four years later.

Came a spider follows Cross as he investigates the kidnapping of the daughter of a senator who was under Secret Service protection, while dealing with his grief for the loss of her partner, who died in a botched undercover operation which Cross blames himself. If that sounds like the kind of plot you’ve seen in a ton of thrillers before, that’s what the critics have all said. On Rotten Tomatoes, Lee Tamahori’s film only sits at 32%, with critical consensus castigating its “derivative” nature and abundance of “implausible situations”.

Although it earned over $ 105 million at the box office, the studio did not move forward with a third entry in the franchise. Until, i.e., 2012 To cross, a reboot that made the improbable move to throw Tyler Perry in the lead. Sadly, this one was battered as its predecessor, with Perry landing a Razzie nomination for his performance.

Came a spider is not available on Netflix in the United States, but it can be rented from Amazon Prime Video.


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