The Suicide Squad was the most viewed movie in the US this weekend, grossing $ 26.5 million


The Suicide Squad made $ 26.5 million in the United States. The reason for this low number is that the movie is streaming on HBO Max at no additional cost and is the Delta variant of COVID-19.

VarietyAccording to The Suicide Squad news, he made $ 35 million in 70 regions. However, this is still below its budget of 185 million euros.

As we mentioned earlier, several factors lead to this. Among them, the film received particular praise. It is stated that the movie was also watched on HBO Max, but DC did not give out a number.

“For now, this market is ruthless.” David A. Gross, director of Franchise Entertainment Research, said. “Usually weekends go well with a strong marketing campaign. But this is not happening under the current circumstances.

Despite this, The Suicide Squad had the highest pandemic box office of any movie 18+.

The opening of Suicide Squad in 2016 was 133 million, that was of course before the pandemic and the film was not shown on any digital platform.

Wonder Woman 1984, another DC movie airing on HBO Max, made $ 16.7 million in its first weekend in December 2020. At this point, only 35% of theaters were open. It is now 85% open. The suicide squad He couldn’t beat Birds of Prey, which grossed $ 33.3 million.

But it topped Disney’s Jungle Cruise, making the film $ 15.7 million, down 55% from the previous week.

M. Night Shymalan’s Old won $ 4.1 million and placed 3rd.

By Adam Bankhurst.


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