The so-so sequel to a beloved blockbuster is reborn on Rival Streamers



Ask anyone of a certain generation about Stephen Sommers The Mummy, and it will be a long time before you can place a word behind the scenes. The heart-pounding 1999 adventure is one of the most beloved blockbusters of the past quarter-century, which meant there was high pressure and expectation for the sequel to deliver.

Bringing together nearly all of the main cast and crew in no time, bringing in Dwayne Johnson for his first-ever feature film role in the process, The return of the mummy landed in theaters just under two years after its predecessor. Box office receipts may have improved to the tune of $435 million, but the lightning in a bottle was gone.


Sure, the action still pops off the screen and the crackling chemistry between Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz remained undeniable, but the second chapter preferred style over substance at nearly every turn, which wasn’t the most wise of the movements when this substance involved the offensively gruesome. CGI creation that Johnson’s Scorpion King transformed into during the climax of the third act.

The return of the mummy holds a lower critical score and user rating on Rotten Tomatoes than the opener, but that hasn’t stopped subscribers to two rival streaming services from giving it the time of day. According to FlixPatrolthe pulp fantasy horror is a top 10 Netflix hit in six countries spanning three continents, while simultaneously ranking as the fifth biggest hit on Prime Video in the UK, with viewers everywhere scratching their heads for the movie at exactly the same time.


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