The Sending of Jim Dooley’s Movie Musicals Review Begins March 17 at Burbank’s Colony Theater


The Emmy-winning composer is aiming for a New York run with the musical on “movies that shouldn’t be musicals.”

Jim Dooley’s (grow daisies, Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events) new musical Review begins performances March 17 at the Colony Theater in Burbank, Calif., for a limited time through March 27, with hopes of a future New York performance.

In the musical, a theater director and producer faces financial ruin and the loss of his beloved theater unless he can find the next big sell-out show. So they hit the stack of scripts and auditioned several “never-should-be-a-music-show”.

Matt Walker directs and stars in the musical, with choreography by Suzanne Jolie. The cast is completed by Rick Batalla, Katie DeShan, Tiffany Daniels, Isaac Robinson-Smith and Travis Leland. Costume design is by Yuko Koresawa.

Jreview is built with a new structure concept called “dynamic plot”. The first and last song are fixed scenes, but the inside of the show (all those scripts that the director and producer audition) is made up of over 50 different “modules” that can be turned on and off to create a almost unlimited number of completely different performances suitable for audience or distribution.

The production team keeps the tracklist off the Playbill so everything remains a surprise to audiences, but no film – or composer – is immune to the skewer. Dooley wrote over 50 songs for Review, with one song per fictional musical adaptation – just a 2-minute taste of what each parody might sound like. Of course, audiences will only hear 15-18 in a single performance (remember those modules), but expect to see some fun in tracks like Castaway and Stupid and even dumber and composers Meredith Willson and Rodgers and Hammerstein.

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