The Rise of Gru’ with an alternate ending


(NewsNation) – Moviegoers in China who watch the latest film in the “Despicable Me” franchise will experience a slightly different ending than in other countries.

The country modified “Minions: The Rise of Gru”, a prequel that explains how Gru becomes a villain. In the film, a teenage Gru wants to be a villain and interviews to join a club full of villains.

Released in July in the United States, the Hollywood version ends with Gru leaving with co-conspirator “Wild Knuckles”, who faked his own death to evade capture.

Chinese authorities rewrote the ending with stills captioned saying “Wild Knuckles” was captured and locked away for 20 years. And Gru eventually grows into a good guy devoted to raising his family – his greatest accomplishment being the father of his three daughters.

Universal Pictures, the studio that released the film, did not comment on the edited ending.

The film debuted in July and has grossed $835 million worldwide so far. It made $3.2 million the day it opened in China last Friday.

This isn’t the first time China has come up with an alternate ending. ‘Fight Club’ came to China in the past year, and the government dumped the exploding skyscrapers at the end, instead claiming that the police figured out the plot before the destruction took place. produce.

The Fight Club author agreed with the changes.

“Indeed, what China did in their only map at the end, they changed it to look more like the book, but for their own reasons,” Chuck Palahniuk said in an interview with TMZ in January. .

The original ending was later restored.

There is a long list of American productions that have been changed. LGBTQ storylines in ‘Friends’ were removed when it began airing in China this year, and Disney’s animated film ‘Lightyear’ was not released in China because the company behind it refused to remove a scene of two female characters kissing.

Many moviegoers weighed in on Weibo – China’s version of Twitter – saying they were surprised by the different ending and disappointed that it ended with the screen freezing and the new plot given in subtitles.


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