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While many of our favorite movies were nominated for a prestigious Academy Award, there are a few that were equally phenomenal and didn’t make the list this year. rounded up the top five films that we think should have had a place in one of the categories for this year Oscars.

Mahershala Ali is one of the best actors of our time and is no stranger to receiving an Oscar, as he already has two under his guts. In 2020, the New York Times class him the 23rd best in their list of 25 greatest actors of the 21st century.

And duplicating his role in swan song proved that he should have been appointed. To play a clone version of yourself on screen and nail it is very hard to do. The Golden Globes recognized his efforts and it would have been even better if the Academy did the same with this performance.

How the Academy failed to recognize this film is beyond us. Ruth Nega and Tessa Thompson gave us lofty performances in this movie thanks to their storytelling and infectious chemistry. The black-and-white drama gave audiences nostalgia for old Hollywood cinema with a modern twist.

The nominations for “Best Actress”, “Best Supporting Actress” and “Best Picture” should have easily fallen on them. Rebecca roomwho shot a Tyler Perry and wrote, directed and produced the film, deserved all the wins this awards season.

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While Denzel Washington rightfully earned his “Best Actor” nomination at this year’s ceremony, the film itself failed to secure a spot in the “Best Picture” category and it’s still jaw-dropping.

From the cinematography to the epic plot and performance, the film was a complete success and should have been a contender. Washington brought theater to the big screen and told a magnificent story that continues to be a topic of conversation. Although Denzel may end up with an award, the film itself deserved the same fate.

How did you Jennifer Hudson and the The respect film does not receive any awards for this year’s Oscars? To be handpicked by the late great queen of soul, Aretha FranklinJ-Hud delivered an outstanding performance, while truly immersing herself as a famous singer and reminding fans why we fell in love with Franklin in the first place.

Her jaw-dropping performance will make you wonder why she wasn’t nominated for “Best Actress” or the movie itself, not nominated for “Best Picture.” This was supposed to be Hudson’s season and while the film received critical acclaim, it would have been great if she received those golden Academy statuettes.

This movie was definitely stolen because the noir western not only had a star-studded ensemble, but it was such a different movie for the noir experience and every cast member enjoyed the movie delivered.

Audiences were given a history lesson and were treated to amazing fight scenes, a beautiful score, and amazing mastermind direction Jeymes Samuel. How could The more they fall not having been a contestant and how none of the actors were able to secure a spot as a contestant is unfortunate.

The film will always be seen as a winner for audiences and that’s what matters most. However, the Academy dropped the ball with this one.

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