Zo speakers around the world can now watch JESUS

ORLANDO, Florida., November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The most translated film of all time is now available in its 2,000e translation: Zo, a language spoken by approximately 65,000 people worldwide, including refugee and immigrant communities in 28 US cities.

Burma, where Zo is primarily spoken, is a predominantly Buddhist country, and people report being discriminated against because of their religious beliefs. Access to economic opportunities can be significantly limited. As a result, many Zo are now scattered all over the world. Jesus Film Project marked the JESUS film debut in Zo by hosting screening events for local Zo refugees and immigrants in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and Fort Wayne, Indiana; all of which have large Zo communities.

Although a Zo translation of the Bible was completed in 2019, it was not printed in Burma however, and many Zo are unable to read. This translation of JESUS provides a way for Zo speakers to access the story of Jesus in their language in a format they can understand.

“To be able to liberate JESUS in Zo is the result of years of innovation and dedication,” sassistance Josh Newellexecutive director of Jesus Film Project. “The most worthy thing we can do is share the story of Jesus in a way people can understand and in a way that doesn’t require translation. We’re excited for what the future holds so that we continue to translate this life-changing story.”

First released in 1979, JESUS gives an authentic portrayal of one of the most influential figures in human history. Since then, Jesus Film Project has teamed up with thousands of translators, recording crews, actors and partners to make JESUS and other Jesus-centered videos available to anyone, anywhere in any language. JESUS has been seen by over 10 million people worldwide and remains the only film to be dubbed into over 2,000 languages. (Typical animated films are translated for 35-40 territories, while live-action blockbuster films are usually translated into only 12-15 languages.)

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