The Matrix Box Office: Can “resurrections” become a blockbuster?


Can Matrix resurrections end of 2021 on a high note at the box office? Warner Bros.

Our story so far: Movie chains like AMC need October, November and December to generate at least $ 2 billion in ticket sales in order to make a much-needed profit. Successful franchises such as Marvel and Sony Spider-Man: No Path Home should do most of the heavy lifting. But – let’s point out the disturbing music – the business prospects of a much-anticipated legacy sequel, Matrix resurrections (December 22), remain terribly uncertain.

The Matrix The trilogy began with the groundbreaking 1999 original, ended with two entries in 2003, and grossed over $ 1.6 billion worldwide. Overall, the The franchise earned north of $ 3 billion in gross box office revenue, home entertainment sales, video game revenue, soundtrack album sales, merchandising, and more. But it’s been 18 years that a Matrix The last film roamed through steam-punk Kung Fu-style multiplexes, and times have changed. Does the franchise still have it?

Trilogy capper Revolutions was the subject of much criticism in 2003 and currently holds the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score in the trilogy (35%) and Metacritic score (47/100). His sour reception, coupled with his misguided exit strategy which saw him arrive just a few months later. Recharged, resulted in box office drops across the board. Revolutions opened at $ 48.4 million, a drop of 47 percent from Recharged $ 91.7 million. The trio are said to earn $ 427 million worldwide, which is 42% less than Reloadedis $ 739 million and even less than the original Matrix ($ 465 million). The goal is to generate gross revenue during a franchise, not to come out on a low note.

Co-star Carrie-Anne Moss believes the core ideas of The matrix are still as relevant as ever, and there is some evidence to suggest that Resurrections will exploit current popular trends in franchise creation. But the film is also hitting theaters and on HBO Max in the US simultaneously. (Budgets ranged from $ 65 million to $ 150 million for the first three films, which provides a baseline expectation for Resurrections.)

Ticket office website Numbers projects Resurrections to earn $ 67 million in its first weekend and $ 150 million gross nationwide. That would earn the film a national multiplier of 2.2x, or the multiple of the final gross of the film in its first issues. This would fall below his fellow franchisees: The matrix (6.2x), Recharged (3.0x), and Revolutions (2.8x), none of which had to navigate a pandemic or hybrid release model.

Matrix Resurrections trailer breakdown explained
Warner Bros. ‘ Matrix resurrections. Warner Bros.

On average, the original trilogy generated 36% of its global revenue from domestic ticket sales and 64% overseas. For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume two things: 1) The Numbers’ projections turn out to be correct (long-distance tracking was an inaccurate science during the pandemic) and 2) Resurrections generates similar national / foreign cleavages. As a result, the next film could consider around $ 250 million in international ticket sales for global transportation of around $ 400 million.

Eight of the top 15 domestic openings of 2021 belong to up-to-date titles, including four from the top 10. For obvious reasons, exclusive movie titles are positioned more profitably at the box office. But while the data is only preliminary, the takeaway so far is that the hybrid model has more of an impact on a movie’s legs than its opening. The 2.2 x multiplier predicted by Numbers for Resurrections aligns with other recent day and date titles such as Black Widow (2.2x), Halloween kills (1.8x), Dune (2.2x) and Space Jam: a new legacy (2.2x).

Domestic gross of $ 150 million and global transport of $ 400 million currently landing Matrix resurrections among the 10 highest grossing films of the year in the United States and around the world.

After 18 years, 'the Matrix' franchise hopes to revive the box office


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