The major horror cameo you missed at the inn


That Eternal is the slow-burning shocker of 1999 “Audition”. The director behind this cult film is legendary Japanese provocateur Takashi Miike. And if you’ve seen the macabre masterpiece that is “Audition”, or really any of Miike’s films, for that matter, you know it’s not all that surprising that it is. present in a film like “Hostel” because it is not far from its own philosophy of pushing the limits.

As for Miike’s brief appearance in “Hostel,” he appears around the middle of the movie and just outside the infamous house of torture dubbed the Elite Hunting Club. He also has a brief interaction with Jay Hernandez’s protagonist, Paxton. As for what’s going on in between, Miike offers some sort of warning to the American tourist, telling the Englishman to “be careful” there because “you might be spending all your money there.” That’s a pretty worrying warning even though Paxton doesn’t know what the stakes are yet. Unfortunately, he finds out soon enough when he becomes a prisoner of the horrific murder club. Either way, Miike’s cameo is about as cool as it gets.

He wasn’t the only famous author to appear in the film, however. Through GameSpot, Quentin Tarantino (a longtime champion of Roth’s work and a producer on “Hostel”) actually shows up at the start of the action for a flashing cameo and miss you as a shirtless reveler screaming out of a window. hotel. And yes, Roth himself even makes an appearance as an American tourist at a local cafe, making him a fierce triumvirate of cameos.


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