The Killer Box Office gross $72,000 from 56 screens


Distributed by Wide Lens Pictures, the Korean-American film The killer reached $72,096 at the box office in its first 5 days in US theaters. From the action movie starring the Korean movie star Jang Hyuk Released in theaters on July 13, the film earned $50,000 in the first three days of airing in 56 different locations.

The killer hit theaters in the United States around the same time as Where the Crawdads sing and is facing a lot of competition so far with popular choices such as Thor: Love and Thunder and the box office monster Top Gun: Maverick. Based on the popular Korean web-comic, The killer follows the ruthless assassin-turned-retired hitman who agrees to take care of a teenage girl, only to turn to his expertise to save her when she becomes involved with disgusting people. The first trailer for The killer reveals Hyuk playing the assassin Bang Ui Gang, which brings him back to the action-packed fight scenes that made him a superstar.


Outside of the action-packed big screen, Jang Hyuk is popular for his role as Park Gye-won in the popular historical drama bloody heart. Hyuk is known for his action roles such as his starring role in the miniseries Chuno with Ji-Ho Oh and Lee Da Hae. He also had a role in the Korean detective film Voice, which revolves around employees of an emergency call center who try to fight crime using the limited information they get from emergency calls. He was most recently in the investigation series tell me what you saw as well as the movie 2021 River Tomb.

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Mark W. Shawthe producer and CEO of Wide Lens Pictures, shared Hyouk’s preparations for the role in a statement announcing the day-and-date US release. fight sequences and stunts.

The film also features Bang Eun Jung like Sung Yeon and See-young Lee like Kim Yun Ji. The killer is led by Choi Jae-hunwho is known for the horror movie hypnosis. Nam Ji-woong got his start writing feature films by adapting the action movie script. Nam Ji-woong, Mark W. Shaw and Chul Shin also serve as producers for the historical film. The killer is also among the first films to have a joint launch in the United States and Korea.

The killer premieres in US theaters on July 13. You can watch the trailer below;


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