The Child’s Play Timeline – What “Chucky” Taught Us About Charles Lee Ray’s Early Years and Last Days


“I’m going to have you and I’m going to have Eddie… no matter what!” “

When the “Chucky” the series was first announced, creator Don Mancini had promised that the series “would explore the character of Chucky with a depth that is only offered by the format of the television series,” and he was certainly not kidding. As well as putting Chucky on a whole new quest for domination, “Chucky” also delved deep into Charles Lee Ray’s origin story.

Of course, the original Child’s play started with Brad DourifCharles Lee Ray, the serial killer known as “The Strangler of the Lake”, is shot dead in a toy store, performing a voodoo ritual in the last moments of his life to transfer his evil soul into a Good Guys doll . From there, the films rarely took steps back, always pushing the story forward.

But how did Charles Lee Ray become a serial killer? When did he first become interested in voodoo? And how was her relationship with Tiffany in their early years? These are questions the franchise never quite answered until the first season of SYFY and the American series “Chucky,” which just ended last week – with a second season slated to arrive in 2022!

Young Charles Lee Ray and Eddie Caputo in “Chucky”

We learned a lot of new information about Charles throughout “Chucky,” as the character’s origin story is explored in Episode 3, “I Love to Be Cuddled”. Flashbacks throughout the episode gave us a glimpse into Charles’ early days as a psychotic child, witnessing the brutal and bloody murder of his father at the hands of a serial killer one fateful night.

In response to witnessing the gruesome act, a young Charles Lee Ray picked up a knife and murdered his own mother in the same manner, inspired by the killer to become a killer himself. It was a twisted first murder for the Lake Strangler, to say the least, revealing a whole new wrinkle in the story of a character we’ve spent the past 30 years hanging out with.

The next episode, titled “Just Let Go,” brought up Charles Lee Ray’s teenage years via more flashbacks, focusing on his time spent in a boys’ home following the murder of his parents. Charles essentially takes a young friend under his wing in these flashback snippets, much like how the aforementioned serial killer introduced Charles himself to the world of serial murder. This young friend? Revealed in a line of dialogue that closed the flashback sequence, teenage friend Charles Lee Ray was none other than Eddie Caputo!

Neil Giuntoli played Eddie Caputo in Child’s play, accomplice of Charles Lee Ray. Long story short, Eddie ends up bailing Charles when the going gets tough, and Charles later – in the form of Chucky, the killer doll – takes revenge on his former friend. We now know how Charles and Eddie initially bonded, information we once had to assume on our own.

Charles and Tiffany meet in the 1980s, “Chucky”

“Chucky” also took us back to the 1980s for the very first meeting between Charles Lee Ray and Tiffany Valentine, with adult Charles Lee Ray played in these scenes by Brad Dourif’s own daughter, Fiona Dourif (who of course also plays Nica Pierce in the franchise). In a series of flashbacks to the 1980s through the episode “Little Little Lies”, we see Charles Lee Ray picking up two women at a bar, ultimately stabbing one of them to death with a little help from the lord. ‘other. The “other” woman, in this particular case, being a young Tiffany (Blaise Crocker).

The following episodes continued Charles and Tiffany’s human adventures in the 1980s, giving us a front row seat in a relationship filled with bickering and murder. It’s when Chucky begins killing women on his own that the relationship falls apart completely, with the Season 1 finale of “Chucky” revealing one of the biggest bombshells of the entire series to date.

Brad Dourif in “The Curse of Chucky” (2013)

Cinema 2013 Curse of Chucky revealed Charles Lee Ray stabbed Nica Pierce’s mother in the stomach shortly before he was pursued by police at the toy store that would become the site of his death, with this film suggesting it was Nica’s mother who had turned Charles into the police. But “Chucky” reveals that it was not Nica’s mother. It was Tiffany Valentine.

Fed up with Chucky, Tiffany called the police and let them know that Charles Lee Ray was “The Strangler of the Lake,” a call she made as Charles was on his way to visit Nica’s mother. After killing Nica’s father, Charles Lee Ray kidnapped Sarah when she was pregnant, stabbing her in the stomach when the police arrived that day… before quickly fleeing the scene.

That fateful stab, of course, is what caused an unborn Nica to lose the use of her legs.

Charles Lee Ray reads voodoo book in “Chucky”

We now have a much clearer picture of the timeline of events in the life and final days of Charles Lee Ray, with a simple blow-by-blow breakdown that looks like this …

  • 1965 – Charles Lee Ray kills his mother
  • 1972 – Teenager Charles kills a man and meets Eddie Caputo
  • 1986 – Charles and Tiffany meet and fall in love
  • 1987 – Charles begins to explore the world of voodoo
  • 1988 – Charles and Tiffany argue… Charles storms out
  • 1988 (same night) – Tiffany lets the police know that Charles is the Lakeshore Strangler … and where to find him
  • 1988 (same night) – Charles visits Sarah and stabs her in the stomach, paralyzing Nica
  • 1988 (same night) – Police arrive and Charles runs away to the Playland toy store
  • 1988 (same night) – Eddie Caputo, a childhood friend with Charles at the time, drops him
  • 1988 (same night) – Charles is shot dead by Detective Mike Norris
  • 1988 (same night) – Charles transfers his soul into a Good Guys doll
  • 1988 (a few days later) – Charles, as Chucky, begins to kill… and takes revenge on Eddie Caputo

The rest is horror story, with the Chucky doll (owned by Charles Lee Ray) claiming countless other victims along the way an entire army of evil Good Guys dolls created in the season finale of the new television series. Where does “Chucky” go from here? And what new information will we learn about the history of the franchise in the upcoming second season?

We will know when “Chucky” returns in 2022!

Charles Lee Ray meets Playland Toys, “Child’s Play” (1988)


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