The cast of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s new movie know there will be a backlash


Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have been facing each other in court for years, but things really heated up when the defamation lawsuit began in Virginia. With cameras in the courtroom, the public could watch every moment and cast their own judgments about the couple’s tumultuous relationship. This lawsuit was recently made into a movie about Tubi, and it turns out the cast of the Depp/Heard movie knew there would be a backlash to their roles.

The controversial new film is titled Hot take: the Depp/Heard trialand stars actors Mark Hapka and Megan Davis respectively as the titular celebrities. The first movie trailer revealed how they portrayed these public figures, and it seems like they knew it could be a controversial project. The pair of performers spoke with EO about this dynamic, with Hapka being honest about the potential backlash, saying:

We expected every backlash. It was such a moment in the cultural zeitgeist with so many layers, where every individual you ask will perceive this trial completely differently; there’s no objective truth to that, so I think in that sense I wasn’t too worried because I was just there to do my job, which was to bring authenticity to the testimonies and to give life to what was said by each person as dramatization.

Good, you have it now. While he knew some people were going to have strong feelings about hot plugproduction and release, Mark Hapka was also able to find some peace playing Johnny Depp in the project. Mainly because none of us really know what happened between the two celebs. Instead, he focused on his job: somehow putting himself in the shoes of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor in the trial, of which he was largely the winner.

As Mark Hapka mentioned in that interview, his main focus was on delivering an authentic take on Johnny Depp’s on-screen testimonials. Rather than taking sides, the actor instead put his focus on nailing the Edward Scissorhands the star’s unique accent and vocal cadence. And the first trailer of Hot take: the Depp/Heard trial shows the fruits of this labor. As a reminder, you can check for yourself below:

Actress Megan Davis is the woman who brings Amber Heard to life in hot plug, which is arguably the role that could be subject to the biggest backlash. After all, the internet took sides in the defamation lawsuit, and a number of people harshly criticized Heard. Davis mentioned his reluctance to accept the gig saying:

Look, I was a little skeptical too when I first heard about it. It’s a subject that we want to treat with such respect, and the problem I think with the lawsuit is that people see each other in both.

With Amber Heard and Johnny Depp the legal teams have both appealed the verdict on the defamation lawsuit, the saga continues for the foreseeable future. We’ll just have to wait and see if it inspires Hot plug 2 materialize. Only time will tell.

Professionally, Johnny Depp is currently filming his first post-trial film and has also recently landed a directing job. As for Amber Heard, she will appear in Aquaman 2but its role could have been reduced. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next cinematic experience.


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