The bride dedicates a film to the mother of the groom. See his reaction


The bride dedicates a film to the mother of the groom. See his reaction

Many people were moved by the gesture of a bride to honor the late mother of her husband during their wedding. A short clip shared on Instagram shows her creating a special video montage and streaming it throughout the wedding. The video brought many people to tears, and it can do the same for you.

The video was first shared on the official seajayfilms Instagram page in July. They also included a detailed caption with the video. They described how the bride prepared for the important occasion when she would surprise her husband.

“Not a dry eye in the room. TJ’s mother died of breast cancer after a long battle with it when he was in high school. He and his wife, Erin, wanted his mother to be a part of their day in some way, and they decided a video montage was the best way to honor her. TJ’s dad has always recorded their family’s special moments, so during the holidays it’s a family tradition to watch old VHS tapes where they can reminisce, laugh and see their mom. TJ didn’t know which tapes were going to be part of the edit, so it was such an emotional moment that he and Erin sat down and watched footage of TJ and his mom instead of the traditional mother-son dance. We are so honored to have had the opportunity to capture such a special memory for this amazing couple.”

After being re-shared by an Instagram page, the video gained traction. “Both a happy day and a sad day,” they wrote alongside the video.

Watch this inspiring video:

The video was posted 14 hours ago. The video has received over 1.6 lakh views and counting since posting. The post also received nearly 12,000 likes. People left various remarks in response to the video.

“It’s enough to make an adult cry and that’s okay,” one Instagram user wrote. “And now I’m crying in my office,” said another. “It’s something a woman would do, so beautiful! He chose the right one!” praised a third. “What a beautiful heart she has,” wrote a fourth.

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