The best Captain America supporting characters in the movies, ranked by importance


All three Captain America films took the Avenger from WWII on a current spy adventure to a civil war between superheroes. Through it all, Captain America has met and worked alongside great supporting characters, many of whom played a huge role in his development to become the hero he has become.

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In the first movie, Steve Rogers started out as a weak little man who wanted to serve his country, and he ended up as the world’s greatest hero by the time he stepped forward these days. Throughout his history he has found vital allies who have been important in his journey from his origin in New York to the battle with Thanos. These characters were all important in helping him become the greatest hero the world has ever seen.

ten Dum dum dugan

Dum Dum Dugan ready to fight in the movie Captain America.

Dum Dum Dugan played a huge role in Captain America’s life in the comics as he was able to return nowadays as a life model decoy. However, in the movies he only played a role in Captain America: The First Avenger as an ally during WWII.

Cap had several allies as part of the Howling Commandos, but Dum Dum stood out and was one of the few soldiers in the Army to support Captain America without a doubt. Its lack of history after WWII prevented it from being more important to Steve’s journey through his films.

9 Maria hill

Maria Hill walking with Captain America.

Maria Hill was Nick Fury’s former deputy director at SHIELD and she ended up playing a big role in America’s defense when Hydra came out of hiding and attempted to take over the country. His only appearance was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

This was the movie where it looked like Nick Fury was dead and it sent Captain America, Black Widow, Maria Hill and more for revenge as they fought to stop the insurgency. Hill was there to help Steve, mainly when Nick Fury fell in battle, which is why his importance is not as great as the others in his life.


8 Abraham Erskine

Abraham Erskine standing with Col. Chester Phillips in Captain America The First Avenger.

Much like Dum Dum Dugan, Abraham Erskine only appeared in Captain America’s first film. However, he was a more important supporting character, as it was Erskine who turned Steve Rogers into Captain America.

Erskine was also important as he is the man who chose Steve Rogers and helped choose the man who would lead American forces to defeat Red Skull. It was also Erskine’s death that set Captain America on his path to becoming a hero, making him a very important character, albeit just at the start of Steve’s journey.

7 Howard stark

Howard Stark standing next to Captain America.

Howard Stark was one of Iron Man’s most important supporting characters because, as a father, he rooted much of his genius and determination in his son. However, over 20 years before Iron Man was born, Howard was also one of Captain America’s main supporting characters.

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Howard played a major role in helping Abraham develop the Super Soldier Serum, and he also created the almost indestructible shield that Cap carried with him throughout his career, ensuring that the creation would keep him as an important part. from Steve’s past.

6 Nick fury

Nick Fury behind his desk in Captain America Winter Soldier.

Nick Fury appeared in the end credits of Captain America: The First Avenger and took on Captain America, letting him know he was now in the current Marvel Universe. Nick was extremely important in Cap’s life, but a lot of that came in the first Avengers film and not Cap’s own solo films.

Nick played a big role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and was one of the most important supporting characters in this film. Hydra sent Winter Soldier to kill Nick when the organization began its hostile takeover of SHIELD. It was Nick’s apparent death that prompted Captain America to ultimately overthrow the terrorist organization.

5 Sharon carter

Sharon Carter standing in the SHIELD control room.

Sharon Carter first appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and played a role similar to that Black Widow played in the second Iron Man movie. Just as Nick sent Natasha undercover to spy on Tony, he sent Sharon as a neighbor to watch Steve, and she became one of Captain America’s best friends.

However, she rose to prominence, first opposing Hydra and helping stop the SHIELD buyout, then helping Cap to Captain America: Civil War, something that caused her to run away from the government. It also looks like she should play a part in the fourth Captain America film as Power Broker.

4 Peggy carter

Peggy Carter pointing a gun at someone in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Before Steve Rogers met and got close to Sharon Carter, he fell in love with his aunt during WWII – Peggy Carter. It was Peggy who was there with Steve when he became Captain America and the two only got closer as Cap neared his destiny of fighting Red Skull and vanishing in time.

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His importance cannot be overstated, as Captain America finally gave up his chance to remain a hero after the war with Thanos and stayed to grow old with Peggy in secret. It was Peggy who made Steve a hero.

3 Black Widow

Captain America and Black Widow standing on the street.

Black Widow appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as one of the heroes helping Steve fight Hydra. She had already been featured in Iron man 2, but when it came time to find your rhythm in the MCU, it was with Captain America.

She helped Cap defeat Hydra, then teamed up with Steve when Civil War broke out. Natasha gave up everything to support Steve and has remained one of Steve’s most important allies in the Captain America trilogy.

2 The Falcon

Captain America and Falcon go into battle.

The Falcon made its debut in Captain America: The Winter Soldier like Sam Wilson, a military man who befriended Steve Rogers at veterans reunions. Soon, when he realized Cap needed all the help he could get against Hydra, he revealed the wings the government had designed for him.

Falcon has worked alongside Captain America in two of his solo films, not only a sidekick but a very important ally for the Avenger. He was also instrumental in the rehabilitation of Bucky Barnes and in Captain america 4, Sam Wilson will fully assume his role as the new Captain America.

1 Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier

Captain America and Bucky Barnes fight in WWII.

While Falcon will become the next Captain America, he pales in comparison to Bucky Barnes when it comes to Cap’s most important supporting characters. Bucky started in the first Captain America film as Steve Rogers’ best friend and a soldier who gave his life to stop the Nazis and Hydra.

He returned in the next film, proving that his death was a ruse, and that he was a brainwashed assassin known as the Winter Soldier, someone Cap did all he could. to help. His importance was proven in the third film when Captain America went to war with Iron Man and fought to protect Bucky and save his friend’s life.

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