The Atlanta Film Festival attracts fans to the Rolecall theater to the Ponce City market until August 21 – CBS Atlanta


Atlanta, Ga. (Atlanta Now News at 10)-The Atlanta Underground Film Festival (AUFF) presents the work of more than 100 films this weekend. This occurs while the independent film industry is making a comeback after having taken a hit during the Pandemic of Covid-19.

Friday, inside the Rolecall theater of the Ponce City market, the moviegoers appreciated the works of several independent filmmakers, with countless scenes broadcast on a cinema screen during the 19th annual festival.

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“The simple fact of being able to see all the creativity is really great, all these people who meet to make these great films,” said Evan Swider, a fan of independent films.

“As a filmmaker myself, I find it super important to support local filmmakers, independent cinema,” said her sister, Emma Swider.

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The independent film industry lost billions during the pandemic, but things are running. “We have seen more film bids this year than before the pandemic,” said the co -founder of AUFF, Lauren Kitchens.

Filmmakers like Kent Smith are happy to show their hard work. “It’s huge. This is what filmmakers do, and we learn a lot. The public is really what it is,” said Smith. His film “The Little Package” talks about a couple who Receives much more than expected. “One of the things I think as a filmmaker who is exciting is to see people go out and have a good time,” he said.

AUFF organizers are happy to give filmmakers a platform. “It is so important in Atlanta to support the scene of independent cinema, because there are so many people who move here, and the industry only grows and develop,” said Kitchens.

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The festival continues until Sunday. For more information, click here.


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