The 10 Highest-Grossing Zack Snyder Movies, Ranked According To Box Office Mojo


Zack Snyder is one of the most polarizing directors working today. Some consider him style and no substance, while others think he’s a visionary and one of the best comic book directors of all time. However, despite what viewers think of him, for the most part, they still show up in droves whenever he releases a new movie.

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Even when Snyder makes a movie for a streaming service, they become the most watched movies on the platforms. Although Zack Snyder’s Justice League was theatrically released alongside its release on HBO Max, the figure is not available on Box Office Mojo. But that would probably be its lowest grossing considering it was only a limited release.


Army of the Dead (2021) – $0

Vanderohe holds a saw over his shoulder in Army of the Dead

Although Zack Snyder’s Justice League is HBO Max’s best original movie, the same can’t be said for the Netflix original army of the dead. The film had a mixed response from critics and was even less appreciated by mainstream audiences. However, that doesn’t mean he failed, as it was anything but.

The 2021 film was one of Netflix’s biggest films, as it was viewed in 75 million households in its first week alone. Had it had a theatrical release (not during a global pandemic), it could very well have been a box office success. It will be even more successful in the years to come, because army of the dead is the start of a big world and the start of a franchise.

Sucker Punch (2011) – $89.7 million

Emily Browning in a babydoll in Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is one of the most distinctive movies Snyder has made in his filmography because it’s so sleek, full of slow motion, and has a heavy comic book aesthetic. But that wasn’t enough to stop the film from being a giant box office bomb.

The 2011 film barely recouped its $80 million+ budget, and since the marketing budget usually equals the production cost, it had to let Warner Bros. about $70 million down the hole. It’s not really a surprise that the movie turned out so badly, as it was the subject of a lot of controversy. Some viewers thought the film was extremely misogynistic, while others thought it was waving the feminist flag. Either way, Babydoll is still one of the best female characters in Snyder’s movies.

Dawn of the Dead (2004) – $102 million

A horde of zombies sprint through the streets of Dawn of The Dead 2004

dawn of the dead was Snyder’s first film, and whether people like the film or not, there’s no denying that he proved what a terrific director he is. The film had a budget of $26 million, but the filmmaker made it look like a $100 million Hollywood blockbuster.

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For a first film as a director, it couldn’t have been more successful for the director. The horror remake made four times its budget, but just as importantly, Snyder established his own distinctive style and set him apart from his peers.

Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga’Hoole (2010) – $140 million

wild rose guardian owls ga'hoole adorable

Following watchmenSnyder’s nearly three-hour R-rated superhero epic, the filmmaker went in a polar opposite direction. Legend of the Guardians is a family-friendly and completely harmless animated film about owls. The production studio was trying to double down on the phenomenal success they had with happy feet, but it didn’t really work that way.

Legend of the Guardians made $140 million worldwide, and while that sounds like a lot, it still wasn’t enough to cover box office and marketing costs. It was also the first time a film directed by Snyder failed to reach the top spot at the domestic box office.

Watchmen (2009) – $185 million

watchmen has an interesting history with the box office. The film had a respectable opening week, but despite its positive reviews and word of mouth, it still had worrying drops with each consecutive week of being in theaters. And this could be due to several factors.

First of all, it’s an R-rated superhero movie, which prevents half of the movie’s target audience from being able to see it. It’s also two hours and 45 minutes long, which is a big commitment for a largely unknown property. It’s also worth mentioning that the movie has such an inflated budget, and that might have been based on how Snyder had two huge box office hits in a row, and based on that, Warner Bros. was willing to take the risk. However, despite all this, although ZSJL is the director’s best superhero epic, watchmen is always a very close second.

300 (2007) – $456 million

300 has become a standout film when it comes to influencing modern blockbusters because it’s so innovative in the way it uses CGI. Between the CGI, its unique and vivid appearance, and the epic storytelling, the film was a phenomenal success.

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The film was approaching half a billion dollars at the worldwide box office, and since it had a budget of less than $70 million, Warner Bros. made the smart decision and kept Snyder on the payroll for the next 14 years. A film that nets nearly $400 million on such a low budget is such a rare event, and any visionary director who can pull this off is not someone studios shouldn’t take for granted.

Justice League (2017) – $658 million

Superman at the end of Justice League 2017

Although some think the 2017 film is as good as Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it was slammed by critics and mostly hated because of the weird color correction and all the inappropriate jokes. Most of the film was completely redone when Snyder had to leave the project for personal reasons as Joss Whedon was hired to give the film the most appeal. avengers aesthetic. But that vibe just doesn’t work in the much darker DCEU. The final product was more of a Whedon movie than a Snyder movie, but it is still credited to Snyder.

Justice League was a disaster for the studio, and no film that grossed $658 million should ever be considered a flop, but that’s exactly what the 2017 film was. Due to all the production setbacks, the film had a grossly inflated budget of $300 million, and that’s not even including marketing costs.

Man of Steel (2013) – $668 million

Superman prepares his heat vision in scouting in Man Of Steel

Following Christopher Nolan’s rules in recreating a superhero movie based in a dark and gritty universe, Steel man had a polarizing reception. This was hardly surprising, as Snyder had already had a reputation as a polarizing director for years by this point.

Either way, the 2013 movie still had such a unique look, Henry Cavill was a great superhero, and he laid the groundwork for the DC Extended Universe perfectly. All of this helped to make Steel man the most profitable solo Superman movie ever. He could have won even more if he hadn’t had such stiff competition in his second week, as the two monster university and World War Z were released.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – $874 million

batman v superman

It seems that Snyder was much more interested in doing a Batman movie that one Superman movie with batman versus superman. The Batman scenes are epic and some of the best action scenes of them all Batman movie, as Clark Kent just stands in the cornfields. The movie is generally seen as a wasted opportunity, as the two heroes only really fought for 10 minutes before putting their differences aside, and that was reflected in the box office result.

Again, just like with Justice League, although dawn of justice The box office intake would generally be considered a huge success, it was still an underperformer for the studio. And, in theory, a film called batman versus superman shouldn’t have made less than a billion dollars.

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