Superhero, Sci-Fi and Horror Movies Bring Audiences Back to the Movies


The 2021 box office trends show that superhero, sci-fi and horror films are thriving in theaters, while adult dramas and comedies are fighting each other.

Superheroes, sci-fi, and horror movies seem to be the movies audiences most want to see. After a year of closure due to COVID-19, theaters have once again welcomed audiences with high profile films like Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings, a quiet place part 2, and F9. While the box office is far from returning to what it was before the pandemic, it has started to show signs of recovery.

Reinforced by titles like No time to die, Halloween kills, and Venom: let there be carnageOctober had the biggest box office of the pandemic. The box office resumption and the holiday season ahead have both studios and theater owners hoping to draw audiences. Yet the major shift in movies released day and date to be shown at home as well as in theaters has started a conversation that arises every year, about which films the general public considers worthy of being shown on the big screen. and the types of movies considered to be on standby for streaming.

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A recent report by Variety found that the 2021 box office was led by superhero, sci-fi, action, and horror films. Sci-Fi and Action grossed $ 851 million, with superhero movies coming in second with $ 672 million and horror movies comparable to 2019 as they are the fourth-largest genre in the world. the year with $ 571 million. The report compares box office data from 2021 to 2019, the last normal box office year, although there are some caveats as the pandemic is still in effect, various films have been shown in both theaters. and streaming in 2021, as well as the fact that the year is not over yet.

All the horror movies of summer 2021

The report also shows how family films were the # 1 money maker of 2019 with releases like Toy story 4 and Frozen 2, while 2021 saw family films drop to third place of the year. Part of this is because a lot of family movies are getting hybrid releases. That could change in the coming months, as children under 12 were recently approved for the COVID-19 vaccine, and more families may feel comfortable going to the theater. The other area of ​​concern, data shows adult dramas and comedies struggled both years, and older audiences were the least likely to return to the theater after the COVID-19 pandemic. This has greatly hurt box office returns for dramas like The last duel and The Many Saints of Newark, and it seems audiences don’t consider these films to be a staple on the big screen.

Genres that have performed well indicate audiences are looking for some form of escape and a great spectacle that can only be experienced in genre storytelling. Superhero movies have been a constant money maker over the past 20 years, while science fiction and action movies like free guy, Jungle cruise, and Dune have all been surprise successes. Horror being a major driving force is not surprising, as horror films tend to increase during tumultuous times like the rise of Universal Monsters during the Great Depression or the rise of horror films like The Exorcist, TThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween in the 1970s following the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal. The rest of the year is expected to continue this trend, with sci-fi and superhero films set to dominate the holiday season, while family films could see an increase, and perhaps adult dramas like king richard and Gucci House can be breakout hits.

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Source: Variety

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