Super Mario animated film to be released in North America next year


Nintendo Co. has announced that an animated film based on the popular video game character “Super Mario” will be released in North America on December 21 of next year.

The film is co-produced with American animation production company Illumination. American cinema giant Universal Pictures has also invested in the film for distribution around the world.

Nintendo said it has yet to decide when to release it beyond North America.

(Photo courtesy of Nintendo Co.)

Mario will be voiced by Chris Pratt, the actor who starred in the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

The film will be co-produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, representative and associate director of Nintendo, who is also the creator of Mario, and Chris Meledandri, external director of Nintendo and founder and CEO of Illumination, the company behind the films of Minions animation.

Miyamoto said in a comment that the film can be enjoyed by anyone, whether or not they are familiar with the game.

“We hope they can’t wait to see the unique characters of Super Mario Bros. on the big screen,” he said.

Kyoto Shimbun

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