‘Stoker Hills’ movie gets US deal with Screen Media – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Screen Media acquired the American rights to the horror film by Benjamin Louis Stoker Hills, with William Lee Scott (Butterfly Effect), Danny Nucci (Titanic), Steffani Brass (Six feet Under ground) and Tony Todd (Candy), with plans to release it in theaters and on demand in January.

The film written by Jonah Kuehner (Good luck Charlie) takes place in the isolated town of Stoker Hills, where three college students filming a horror movie find themselves trapped in their worst nightmare. Their only hope for survival lies in two detectives who find the camera they left in the woods.

Louis, Rab Butler, Timothy Christian and Jonah Kuehner produced by Streetwalkers Productions.

“After many years of hard work and dedication, our team is delighted to partner with Screen Media for our national release,” said Louis. “We are delighted to share the film with American audiences.”

“We’re always on the lookout for new, innovative genre voices, and that’s exactly what we found with director Benjamin Louis,” Screen Media added in a statement. “His new take on the found images subgenre surprises at every turn.”

Screen Media, a chicken soup for the company Soul Entertainment, recently acquired the hitman thriller from Phillip Noyce Quick charlie, with Pierce Brosnan, in front of the AFM. He claimed the rights to the crime thriller La Soga Hi after its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, reprising Casey Tebo’s film Black friday, with Devon Sawa and Bruce Campbell, on his Fantastic Fest debut.

Recent releases from the independent distributor include those of Lina Roessler Bestsellers, with Aubrey Plaza and Michael Caine, and Chase Palmer’s Bare singularity, with John Boyega and Olivia Cooke.

Seth Needle, executive vice president of global acquisitions and co-productions, negotiated the Stoker Hills acquisition agreement with The Exchange CEO Brian O’Shea on behalf of the filmmakers.

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