Stephen Dorff looks back at the Titanic snabs | Movies


Stephen Dorff says “Titanic” was “pretty vanilla”.

The 47-year-old actor ran to play Jack Dawson in his beloved 1997 blockbuster, but lost to Leonardo DiCaprio. Although he knew the film was excellent for his career, he admitted that he had never been a “big fan”. ..

He told the Metro newspaper’s 60-second column: “If I had played this role my career would have been a bit richer, but I wasn’t a big fan of movies.

“I thought it was due to some pretty big and pretty vanilla figures. But obviously it was one of the greatest movies in history and is now part of history.

“I also refused other films that would have changed my career at the time. My feeling is that you really can’t look back.

In his late teens, Dorf lived at the Chateau Marmont hotel on Hollywood Boulevard and explained his desire to find his way.

He says, “Yes, I was 18 and stayed there until I ran out of money. I was surrounded by celebrities and grew up at crazy events and parties in Hollywood.

“I didn’t have a normal childhood. I didn’t have a prom. I didn’t go to college, but I didn’t change anything for nothing.

“I didn’t want to hang out with the rich, boring kids in LA. I wanted to go out and play.

He said he had taken an “unorthodox” trip, but still had a longevity as an actor.

“I chose my own unorthodox path through Hollywood, but I’m still here. I definitely lived a unique life, ”he added.

Stephen Dorff looks back at the Titanic snabs | Movies

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