Randall Park and Melissa Fumero Work on America’s Latest Hit Video in New Netflix Comedy


Meet Melissa Fumero and Randall Park as two happy-looking Blockbuster employees! Smiling in uniform, the duo hold up the DVD cases that will remind you of a time when the video store ruled the culture. The background behind them also offers a clue to the plot of the series – posters on storefronts announce “the end of late fees”, highlighting how dire the situation the company finds itself in. With the rise of streaming and digital options, the store is taking big swings to keep customers interested. The 10-episode ensemble comedy is set in America’s latest Blockbuster and explores “what it takes — and, more specifically, who it takes — for a small business to succeed against the odds.” It’s a character story and at its center, Fumero plays Eliza, a devoted mother who dropped out of Harvard to raise two children with her high school sweetheart. When the show begins, her marriage is on the rocks and she’s working alongside Timmy de Park, serving as his “trusty No. 2 — and maybe more.”

The series hails from Vanessa Ramos, (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Superstore), who serves as creator and showrunner. She’s joined in the writers’ room by fellow sit-com alumni David Caspe (“Happy Endings”) and Jackie Clarke (“Happy Endings”, “Superstore”). All in all, this sounds like a super sweet story and the perfect setup for what could become a long-running workplace comedy. There’s a team of veteran comedy writers, star lead artists, and a perfect setup… So why do I feel so pessimistic? “One Day At Time”, “Santa Clarita Diet”, “On My Block” and ” The Baby-Sitters Club” were all fiercely loved, revered by critics, and quitting before they could truly thrive. have the rush in viewership and the sudden boost in ratings you might find in the latest superhero event show or franchise follow-up They tend to be the type of shows that people find and fall in love with over time. Imagine if a “Schitt’s Creek” or even “The Office” were shut down before they could truly flourish? All this to say that even from a single frame, I can feel pumped for “Blockbuster” fun, and thus, preemptively nervous about its fate.

No release date has been revealed for “Blockbuster,” but building anticipation for the series, cast members are set to partake in a game of Movie Trivia Happy Hour at the Hollywood Pavillion, as part of the Netflix Is A Joke festival.


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