Quentin Tarantino buys a movie theater


Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino said in a recently released podcast interview that he bought a famous Los Angeles theater, intending to reopen it in time for the holiday movie season. Appearing on Dax Shepard’s Chair expert podcast, Tarantino complained about theater exhibitors and told Shephard that he bought the Vista Theater in Los Feliz, which he calls a “crown jewel” and that the promises will be different from the New Beverly, a renaissance theater with which Tarantino has been involved for some time. The Vista, a historic one-screen theater in Los Angeles, was one of many such theaters that have closed following challenges the industry has faced in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last month there were rumors that the Vista would reopen this month. Instead, it looks like Tarantino is planning to have a grand reopening in time for Christmas.

“When we opened the New Beverly about two weeks ago, in June, we sold all of the shows,” Tarantino said. “And I’m going to announce one thing here that people don’t know yet: I bought the Vista. We’re probably going to open it around Christmas. And again, only cinema. But it won’t be a wake-up call house. – we’re going to show new movies coming out. Where they give us a movie copy, we’ll show new things. It won’t be like the New Beverly; the New Beverly has its own vibe. The Vista is like a gem of the crown So these will be the best copies, we will show older films, but it will be like older films where you can organize a fortnight’s engagement. “

COVID wasn’t the first thing to challenge Vista; as early as 2014 there were rumors that the theater would close.

Tarantino is one of the many filmmakers who have expressed support for the “theatrical experience”, lamenting films that have been released direct to consumers and instead wishing their films to be shown on the largest and highest screens. possible quality.

Last week Tarantino plunged into controversy again by insulting fans who challenged his portrayal of martial arts legend Bruce Lee in his film. Once upon a time in Hollywood …. Lee’s daughter, who previously disputed Tarantino’s comments regarding this scene, made headlines when she said she was fed up with white men in Hollywood trying to tell her who her father was.


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