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Cross of the 7 Jewels

Cross of the 7 Jewels has been remastered from a 4K scan of the original 35mm camera negative, made exclusively by TetroVideo, supervised and approved by Luce Cinecittà.

Produced by GC Pictures, Cross of the 7 Jewels was theatrically released in Italy in 1987.

After its release, Andolfi re-released the film in 1995 for the Asian market and re-released it under the name Talisman. This version of the film included footage from documentaries, newsreels and film The Serpent and the Rainbow by Wes Craven.

Yet in 2007, Eddy Endolf directed the medium-length film Riecco Aborym, the Cross of the 7 Jewels after.

Both Talisman and Riecco Aborym are included in the Cross of the 7 Jewels Blu-ray bonus features.

Cross of the 7 Jewels Synopsis: Marco Sartori (Marco Antonio Andolfi) becomes a sadistic werewolf after being cursed by a black magic society. Only a necklace of jewelry he wears can stop the transformations, but one day the precious amulet is stolen while traveling from Naples to Rome.

Eddy Endolf, Annie Belle, Paolo Fiorino, George Ardisson, Gordon Mitchell, Glauco Simonini, Zaira Zoccheddu, Giulio Massimini and Mario Donatone are the stars.

Special Features:

– Gallery of works of art;

– Marco Antonio Andolfi Photo Gallery (photos taken from the archives of MA Andolfi and Luca Ruocco);

– Cross of the 7 jewels – Official trailer;

– Cross of the 7 Jewels – Deleted scene;

– Jekyll/Hyde – Short film by Luca Ruocco with Eddy Endolf;

– Audio commentary by Luca Ruocco and Ivan Talarico;

– “In short: Marco Antonio Andolfi” by Luca Ruocco;

– Riecco Aborym – Medium length film directed by Marco Antonio Andolfi;

– Riecco Aborym – Luca Ruocco Backstage;

– Riecco Aborym – Trailer;

– Riecco Aborym – Photo Gallery (photos by Alfonso Spezza);

– Talisman (Feature film) – Cross of the Seven Jewels (alternative version) directed by Allan Fleming;

– Talisman – Trailer.


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