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Today, superhero cinema is positioned in an incomparable way. Their blockbusters are not only a great investment in getting the best gear, but they also generate great global box office revenue. It is true that the main beneficiary is the studio or the company to which these films belong, but they also help to keep the film industry on its feet.

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Whether we like these films or not, we have to admit that they have achieved great things, and one of them is the return of audiences to theaters after almost two years of pandemic. Some filmmakers have remained loyal to going towards deeper productions or that tell something before getting carried away by the action scenes and special effects, and several of them have not hidden their contempt for large franchises featuring in scene of the supermen.

Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola have attacked these films on more than one occasion, calling them “trash” but, above all, to divert their attention or take away certain opportunities. But there’s another side that, while not dedicated to superhero stories, accepts that without these movies the movie theaters might be left almost empty. One of these defenders is Pedro Almodóvar.

In a recent interview on the Spanish program Andreu Buenafuente, Late Motiv, the presenter brought to the table that Spider-Man: No Road Home – 92% has become a collectible phenomenon, and they asked the Parallel Mothers – 94% director for his opinion on it. The Spanish filmmaker was grateful, noting that he hoped that after the film industry‘s dramatic drop in revenues, a film had given people the confidence to return to a screening room.

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Although he “is not a natural viewer” of these types of films, Almodóvar said he would take the time to see the Jon Watts-directed film as a thank you for what it means for the cinema. During the show, it was said that the Spanish box office fell by 60% in domestic and international cinema, and the Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures film shattered that crisis. The director of La Voz Humana – 100% confident that “blockbusters are the industry’s great saviors”, listen to their comments below.

Is the same Pedro Almodovar, who has made a name for himself recognized around the world for a very personal filmography and true to his own style, who also commented that he would be ready to be a part of these cinematic universes such as Marvel or DC, if only he had the freedom to make it true to your own vision. And the look put her inside Bat girl which, for now, is nothing more than a wish, it is only up to the company if it is ready to take the next step.

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The 72-year-old, multiple award-winning director has managed to stay on top of his storytelling style and all the stories he hasn’t told yet, but it would be interesting to see how his style would stand out in these guys. of productions. In fact, it’s not something that you need in your career to be so recognized, but maybe it works as a personal challenge to get out of your comfort zone, and maybe it will be a big one. surprise for the critics, the public, and it would even be a lesson for his colleagues who follow the success of the superheroes.

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