Panda Media launches Box Office Boost app to help develop film and TV, realizing win-win for all


Panda Media launches Box Office Boost app to help develop film and TV, realizing win-win for all

Panda Film Media, an internet multimedia technology company headquartered in the United States, launches the Box Office Boost application to prevent excellent films from being buried, to better obtain the reputation of the Internet and to help development of the film and television industry. In this application, film and television investment producers can invite app users to buy tickets to watch movies, and users can also comment on the box office booster app to increase the reputation of the movie, attract potential moviegoers and further increase the film’s box office.

The size of the global home or mobile theatrical entertainment market in 2021 will be approximately US$99.7 billion, with an increase of 23.85% compared to 2020 and not including the subscription market. pay television. The global theater market grew 81% to $21.3 billion as theaters reopened. With the gradual recovery of the epidemic situation, the cold winter of the global entertainment industry will finally pass. The release of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” at the end of 2021 brought the monthly box office of some countries and regions back to pre-epidemic levels, proving that audiences can still be brought back to cinemas with a supply of quality content. , keeping faith in the future of the film industry.

In this context, Panda Film Media was born, and launched an application boosting the box office according to the needs of users, dedicated to the exchange of cinematographic and television cultural and artistic activities, as well as to innovation and to technological application.

With the profound development of the industrialization and commodification of cinema, the concept of “marketing is superior to film” has become increasingly important. Against the backdrop of the rapid development of the Internet, online word-of-mouth marketing has gradually demonstrated its unique power and has become an important factor affecting the market. In the age of Web 2.0, users can interact with content on the Internet, and a movie’s Internet word of mouth can even decide the life or death of a movie. It has become the main consideration of various film distributors on how to get a better reputation in the film market and get more box office.

Through market research, Panda Media’s Box Office Boosting app has launched a box office boosting model that enables film and TV investment and production companies to rank their movies and TV productions well in the charts of the box office, and at the same time to increase the release rate of their films and television productions in major cinemas and streaming platforms, increasing exposure and attracting audiences to watch the films and further fermenting word of mouth, forming a virtuous circle. On the other hand, app users can watch excellent cinematic works for the first time and receive commission income provided by film and television investment and production companies. Panda Media can get industry chain traffic and resources, and the three parties can achieve win-win cooperation and contribute to the healthy development of the film market.

Panda Film Media’s core operating partners are made up of global producers and distributors of film and television investments, including world-renowned film and television entertainment giants and well-known directors and creators. The global film and entertainment industry will inevitably gain more room to develop in the post-epidemic era under the action of Panda Media.

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