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The new film “Cinderella” gives a very modern take on a classic, with Camila Cabello as the heroine of the couture.

“Cinderella” was a good movie to watch if you focused primarily on the music and the choreography. The writing was cheesy at times, relying heavily on common tropes, but overall it offered a fun watch.

Other critics have said the film relies too much on feminism and female empowerment, but I disagree. It was definitely an important part of the movie, mostly with the characters of Cinderella and Princess Gwen, but in a very light-hearted way. It’s one of the first great movies I’ve ever seen that gives women both “real love” and a career. The plot revolves around Cinderella’s ambition to become a seamstress in a society that doesn’t allow women to own businesses. Then she meets the prince and must decide between becoming a seamstress and marrying the prince.

It was upbeat and modern using all the pop songs which is very smart. There were times when I didn’t like the choice of songs, but overall it was fun to watch. It sounded a lot like a Broadway production, which is a different style of filmmaking, and maybe why the film received such bad reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb.

I have some frustrations with the film. It recycles several tired tropes, such as fat-shaming. The fat sister is the meanest and none of the major love interests are tall. For being such a diverse cast and a fresh take on the traditional Cinderella story, it was pretty disappointing. He also still uses the ‘fall in love overnight’ trope, which is very frustrating for those of us who still live in the real world.

The sibling relationships throughout the film were pretty precise. The stepsisters had a very realistic sibling relationship, but the relationship between Prince Robert and Princess Gwen was very bland and could have been improved.

I wish the character of Princess Gwen was a bit more elaborate. I know her character was written for comic relief, but she was such a smart character that I thought she could have played a bigger role in the movie in general.

As a former theater nerd it was fun to watch because it was like watching a musical at a local theater. The film was entertained in a pleasant and light way at the expense of the theater children and used jokes that many theater children themselves made. The dialogue was simple and cheesy.

I also loved the costume design as a whole as the princesses dancing at the ball had beautiful costumes and several even drew inspiration from traditional dresses from around the world. They used the song “Seven Nation Army” and honestly it worked pretty well for the ball scene. The friendship between the prince and his male friends is refreshing to see in the media; it was very positive and did not contain toxic masculinity. All of the Prince’s friends also have different accents including Scottish, English and American which confused the history major in me.

Overall, it was a fun movie to watch. It’s like watching the vision of a community theater on Cinderella.


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