One Piece Film Red hits US theaters in October


And the band… starts playing…

Let us tell you about the Holy Shonen Trinity, also known as the “Big Three”. These three anime were and are some of the greatest properties ever released. Shounen jump, and as a result of that, their names carry weight, not least because they weren’t just hit manga – they were all adapted into highly successful anime. The first is Naruto, who doesn’t need a long talk about his success in pop culture and beyond. The second is Bleach, which is currently experiencing a key revival, and the third is One Piece, which has been so successful that it has been the subject of more than a dozen films. The last is One Piece Movie Red.

While those in the US haven’t seen it yet, the film is doing incredibly well. As a musical, it has a very different feel compared to previous films in the franchise. In Japan, it had a massive opening at No. 1 at the box office and is currently the best film of the whole year in Japan. When you add the other markets, the movie already costs over $100 million, who for an anime without the US market? Is very impressive. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was recently released and even in the US and Japan it hasn’t grossed $100 million yet, which shows you how powerful anime can be when the right franchisees are released and have the right fan base.

But this begs the question, when One Piece Movie Red come to the USA? This was partially answered by a marching band from all places. Not really. The University of South Carolina played a football game against Rice last weekend, and their marching band paid tribute to A play. Meanwhile, advertisers have revealed that the film will be coming to Netflix in October, so we’re not that far off from the film’s emergence in the Western market. Also, kudos to those marching band students for not being afraid to show off their anime love!

The film itself will focus on a character named Uta, who is apparently the “world’s most beloved singer”. His voice is something else, and everyone comes to hear him sing, including Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy and Uta have a secret history just like Uta and Shanks, as the former is the latter’s daughter. Uta’s singing voice is provided by hugely popular Japanese singer Ado, and the film’s soundtrack is a huge hit on Spotify.

There’s a lot to this movie, and fans are clearly loving it so far, so when October rolls around, you’ll want to check it out for yourself on Netflix.



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