Olaf presents | Josh Gad shares with us why Disney movies are special to him


Olaf presents from Walt Disney Animation Studios is the Olaf series you’ve always dreamed of. Even if you didn’t know it! In 2013, we met the adorable Olaf in Frozen. Since then we’ve seen him in more feature films, shorts, video games and of course on Ice. Now, as part of the celebration of Disney + Day, we are getting this awesome set of shorts.

In Olaf presents, we see our beloved friend Disney in the spotlight and take on the role of producer, actor, costume designer and set builder. To what end? To tell some of our favorite classic Disney animated stories. Watch Olaf take on iconic roles like a mermaid, genie, lion king, and more!

Josh Gad once again lends his voice to the show’s beloved snowman. In a press conference featuring Oalf Presents that LRM Online attended, Gad told us what the Disney movies mean to him.

“I was at that perfect age during Disney Animation’s second golden age. I remember seeing The Little Mermaid at the theater and thinking to myself, ‘What is it? Why? at an on-screen Broadway show. Gad said. “It was like the first time I remember applauding in a theater after the songs had ended. So going back and specifically revisiting those movies was a dream come true. “


I think we can all relate to his feelings with the Disney movie first crossing our path. He goes on to explain how special it was for him to tell the story of Aladdin as one of the voice actors was someone he considered an idol.

Olaf presents

“Then kind of follow in the footsteps of my idol Robin Williams in the world of Aladdin. Hyrum and Jen can tell you that it was kind of a pinch for myself, a very emotional experience for me.” said Gad

Part of the magic of Disney has always been their ability to connect with audiences. Olaf presents gives us the opportunity to revisit some of those films and pay homage to them with a beloved more modern character. What will likely happen is that Olaf will inspire the young (and the young at heart) to revisit these classic movies for some fun family time.

Don’t miss Disney Animations’ Olaf presents, exclusively on Disney +.


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