Obsessed with the FacePlay trend on Instagram? Here is all the data you give

  • There is a new trending face swap app called “FacePlay”.
  • This application allows you to swap your face to play videos of different themes.
  • FacePlay has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

There is always a face swap app that goes viral on social media from time to time. One of the newest and most popular was Reface which lets you swap your face with that of a celebrity. A new app is now trending and its videos are all over Instagram Reels. It is called “FacePlay” and has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

What it does is swap your face to play videos of various themes such as different nationalities, clothes, and movie scenes. FacePlay’s videos are short, which makes them easily compatible with the short video concept on Instagram Reels. The application can be downloaded on Android and iOS but to have access to all its features and without advertising, you must subscribe. Its price is ₹129 per week and ₹1,599 per year. You can use it for free but to make a video you will have to watch an advertisement.

If you’ve come across any of the FacePlay videos on Reels or anywhere else, you must have noticed how accurately it captures the face. What it does is analyze your facial features through your selfie or photo from your phone’s gallery to do a “face fusion” for the final video. FacePlay indicates that it does not store any facial data and after the analysis process the data is deleted.

Once it’s done analyzing your photo, it’ll replace it with the one from the video to give you one that looks a lot like you. You can save the video to your phone or share it with other apps directly from FacePlay.

Data collected by FacePlay

Face swapping apps have often faced backlash for the data they collect because the apps need your facial data to create a deepfake. The official FacePlay website and app have a privacy policy section where they detail what information they collect, permissions required, how they collect, share and protect information.

Regarding facial data, it is clearly written that no data is collected and the photo is deleted after analysis. FacePlay requires you to sign in to use the app, and you can only do this through a third-party service like Facebook, Google, or Apple. Details such as your email address, account name, phone number and region are collected through the third-party service you connect with.

FacePlay also collects device information such as device model, IMEI number, connection IP address, software version number, language configured on the phone, and network quality. You will, however, need to share permissions on your phone like camera, read and write, notifications, and network status. You can also check in the app settings on Android and iOS what permissions the app currently has and disable them if necessary.


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