‘Not in real life’: IPS officer reports error in Akshay Kumar’s photo of Sooryavanshi, actor clarifies



Rohit Shetty director Sooryavanshi is due out later this year. As Akshay Kumar shared the film’s release date with an image featuring the director of the film with the three cops in his cinematic universe – ‘Sooryavanshi’ Akshay, ‘Singham’ Ajay Devgn and ‘Simmba’ Ranveer Singh, the photo caught the attention of a real cop. IPS officer RK Vij used social media to highlight an error in the photo.

Speaking about the release date for the upcoming action-packed drama, Akshay Kumar shared a photo with other actors and director of the film on his social media. All three actors were dressed in police uniforms and while Ranveer Singh sat at a desk, Ajay Devgn and Kumar stood beside him with Shetty.

Along with the fans, senior IPS officer RK Vij also saw the photo and reacted to it saying it did not fit law enforcement decorum. “Inspector Saheb is sitting (Tan Kar) and SP Saheb is standing, it doesn’t go like that, sir,” tweeted the Spl DGP of Haryana.

However, Kumar clarified that this was only a behind-the-scenes image and that they are very demanding about following rules and protocols while filming the film. “Greetings forever to our great police forces. Hope you like the movie when you watch it, ”the Rowdy Rathore star added frankly.

After clarifying, the IPS officer tweeted again saying he had just mentioned it on a “lighter vein” but appreciated his response. “I will definitely watch the movie,” added the cop.

Sooryavanshi was originally slated for release on March 24 last year, but has been postponed twice due to the pandemic. Thanking Maharashtra’s Chief Minister for allowing cinemas to finally reopen, the actor announced the film will be released theaters on Diwali.



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