No popcorn (or eating and drinking in general) inside cinemas despite relaxed rules


Keep your masks on at the movies, as the new dining rules in the latest Public Activity Restrictions Enforcement (PPKM) update don’t actually allow eating and drinking inside movie theaters.

At a press conference yesterday, the Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investments Luhut Pandjaitan, who oversees the implementation of the PPKM, mentioned that cinema restaurants and concession stands are now allowed to serve customers. .

“But the capacity of cinemas is still limited to 50%. We will see how it goes in the coming week, if there are any improvements we will make more adjustments, ”said Luhut.

Some have interpreted Luhut’s statement to mean that we can now buy popcorn and eat it inside the theater. However, the new Interior Ministry today issued Ministerial Instruction (Inmendagri) No. 47/2021 outlining the updated rules, which clarifies that eating and drinking are only allowed outside the cinema. .

“Restaurants / restaurants and cafes located in cinemas are allowed to serve customers indoors at 50% of their capacity and with a catering time limit of 60 minutes,” said the Inmendagri.

Entrance screening using the government’s integrated health and mobility tracking app PeduliLindungi still applies in cinemas, and entry is still prohibited for children under 12.

The current iteration of the PPKM applies until October 18, after which other rules may be relaxed depending on the COVID-19 situation in Indonesia. Another notable update from the latest PPKM is that fitness centers can now open at 25% capacity.


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